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12/16/14 11:56 PM

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A simple game app where you fight off wave after wave of pigeons using different types of tools and weapons. Takes place in Germany and then other regions around the world. Region simply requires a scenary change. The player will first select a region i.e. Germany, then each level is based on a city which is simply the number of waves and the number of pigeons in each wave. For example when one starts in Hannover which will be level 1, an animated background representing Hannover will appear, then when the level is done loading crosshairs will appear which the user can move, on the top right corner will be an ammo selection bar, ammo counter, and health bar and on the left will be a wave counter. When the player fails to kill a pigeon it flies towards the user as if the player is seeing a pigeon dive, then it poops on the screen and that portion of the screen is covered for the remaining time that player in on the level. Players will have different upgrades in weapons and tools to fight off the pigeons. For example, they will start off with a shotgun and limited ammo, a fully upgraded shotgun will be an AA-12 with 80 round ammo drums but the first one is a simple 12 gauge pump action with 8 rounds and the user will have to take time to reload in between waves. When the player starts, he won't have any tools to help him. As he plays he gets items such as Bird Seed which when used causes the pigeons to fly to the bird seeds and start eating, the player can shoot the pigeons while on the ground or in the air. Another item will be a Fowler's Net which can be used only after the Bird Seed is scattered and so on. As part of the story (no more story development after this) the player is commissioned by the government to kill as many pigeons as possible to rid the city of pigeons and is paid 10 cents per pigeon. The player uses this money to purchase the new items, weapons upgrades, and so forth to keep himself in the fight. Only when the player reaches level 40 can he acquire a Falcon. When the player uses the Falcon which will be a special illuminated icon which the player taps, a falcon screech is heard as it flies from the bottom to the top of the screen. Punching noises will be heard, feathers will fall, and the money sound will be heard and your cash counter will go up over a period of 30 seconds, but after a 15 second cool down you can reuse the Falcon. There will also be different types of pigeons as well these include:

1) Gray Pigeons (Normal looking pigeons which add mass to each wave and are the first pigeons the player encounters)

2) Homing Pigeons (blue pigeons which explode and cover your screen in poop) 

3) Carrier Pigeons (purple pigeons that look like a postman which double the size of the number of pigeons in each wave, for example if normally there are 4 pigeons, with a carrier pigeon it's 9 and so forth) 

4) Kamikaze Pigeons (which fly into the player and damage the health 

5) Zombie Pigeons (Black pigeons which rise from the dead if not shot in the head while in flight and walk towards the player attempting to peck him) 

6) Dive Bomb Pigeons (green pigeons which are three times as fat as the other pigeons and slower but dump a huge load of poop on the screen)


The player looses if 1) his screen gets completely covered in poop 2) gets hit by too many Kamikaze pigeons and his health bar goes down.