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SUBJECT REQUEST: Our project involves the construction of two blogs focused on content marketing


Essential feature is that the freelance writer got English as a first language, which is British citizen or resident in England. That’s because it is essential to be in direct contact with the social, business and financial, tourist and fashion world of the local reality.


Good morning, we are working on the English version of our site forthcoming site.our project involves the construction of two blogs:

• one with articles of social and economic nature aimed to a Community that will cover topics such as the Sharing Economy (by developing articles like "Travelling Low Cost" or telling about  BlaBlaCar, AirBnB, Uber, etc .; it is interesting to know that the "Time" has listed the Sharing Economy among the 10 ideas that will change the world), forms of saving (tips about how to be careful in what you buy, the 5 Rs of recycling or reduction, reutilization, recycling, collection and recovery), Pension (mirage or reality, the situation of those who live in England with regard to the contributory situation, how to complement it, and so on), forms of income (make money with a blog, with internet, healthy marketing network, Forex, etc.), the crowdfunding (how to finance an idea), crowdlending, a P2P network of loans between individuals, the labor (development of Co-working), the environmental Sustainability (interesting site from the english http: //

• the other, alongside with commercial editorial articles. This blog will have a Newspaper format; it will be of support to an e-commerce portal with 12 commercial fields. It must contain items of general nature including those spreading a proposal of purchase such as an editorial on a specific brand or product (aiming for a writing style like "the story of René Lacoste"). The other categories of the blog will contain content of technological innovation (inspired by technology objects promoted on Kickstarter, the classic Wellness and Beauty, Fashion etc. A category that we would like to treat with particular care is that of Good Stories. The Stories of those who had dreamed and succeeded. Without disturbing fellows like Steve Jobs but by seeking among the latest stories of unknown start up, hidden in a few lines of newspaper or those we hear about. Within these there’s a category called "We like them" which tells stories of successful as well as special people because despite having achieved success, they do commit to others (humanitarian aid, peculiar corporate behavior, ethic and attention for colleague through which they stand out)


These are just some examples to give a 'idea of content, around which we can build a lot.

We suggest the category and subject to be treated, the freelancer should look in their own country for  the latest news and events related to it, then find a way to produce the article about it.

Short note on CONTENT ... The public will be diversified so it's important to write articles with different techniques:

• the rule of the "To Do" (10 ways to ..; the 5 things ... etc.)

• the rule of more detailed texts

All items must try to transfer data and information of value in a non-consistent, but able to hold the interest, inspire the desire for interactivity (Charming Start  - interesting development- an end that encourages to read more). The goals are to attract the public, but also to build lasting relationships. In short, use the emotional key in the creation of content and sensitive involvement that gives heart and humanity (in the case of the first blog in particular) and that amazes and captures (in the case of the second blog in particular).

The contents stimulating strong emotions are more likely to become "viral"!

Obviously another important characteristic is the originality (copyright).

If possible we would like, for example, an article or a link where you can view previous work.


The task currently consists in the production of 15 items of at least 400/500 words (and not less than 400 words) by 20 February. Then it would rise to 30 articles per month.

Possibly for each item we ask optimization for SEO purposes, with the keyword search, full title (max 50 characters including spaces), SEO Title 60 characters including spaces and Meta Description max 156 characters including spaces (Snippet).

We also expect the next opportunity of direct insertion of the articles on CSM Wordpress, completion of SEO on Yoast plugin through the credentials of direct access to the site which will be provided as soon as collaboration is defined. The Word format or similar is perfect.

Taking into account the previous collaboration with other freelance writers our remunerative proposal is about 10-12 Euros per article.

Payment will be made by bank transfer or PayPal system, based on issuing invoice or withholding tax, after the production of the articles, at the end of each month.

Please note that our Company is based in Tenerife and is recognized by the ZEC, thus enjoys facilitated tax regime.


Thank you for your time.

Actually our remunerative proposal is about 14 pounds per article.

For any questions you can write us!

Thanks in advance