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2/20/13 11:58 PM

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Note** I am a professional performer/director, so my technical computer jargon is limited ( in the skills section I checked AppleScript but have no idea what that is!)! I have NO IDEA how much this project might cost to produce, but I believe there to be a need for it and I feel it would greatly impact the mutli-billion pound/dollar theatrical industry. I need your help to bring my bright idea to life!!

I have an idea for a computer program that will simplify the process a director and/or producer goes through when creating a stage show. This program would ideally allow a director to:

-choose a stage template or customise a stage template by entering stage dimensions

-choose/assign number of actors to be used, create unique personalised avatars for said actors

-create chapter breakdown in conjunction with number of scenes in show

-enter written/recorded spoken dialogue to match run order/chapter breakdown of show

-add music/sound/lighting notations to synch with assigned blocking and chapters

-build show on this virtual stage, allowing director to choose how many actors would be in each scene, where they enter/move during scene/exit and on what cue (musical or dialogue) ... allowing cast and crew alike to be allowed inclusion in the director/producer's vision with total clarity. 


Long story short, this program would allow a director to completely build a show from beginning to end online, allowing any one involved in the production to physically SEE what they are working toward, eliminating any doubt created by uncertainty. Plus, this would allow that director to forward by email completed shows to lighting specialists, sound engineers, etc (but most importantly ACTORS) to learn their duty (ie. blocking assignments for actors) line by line before rehearsals ever begin. To be used by amateurs and professionals alike. There could even be a library of shows, a collection of previously created shows (donated or purchased by us, using our software) where someone can just purchase their desired piece and follow it as-is(an idiots guide to putting on a stage show if you will). And for amateur societies that buy rights to major stage shows like West Side Story or Phantom of the Opera ... they could buy the show from our library and have the exact show as seen on Broadway. 

As a professional, I can't tell you how many countless hours of expensive production time is lost to confusion and misdirection, usually because one creative mind cannot SEE the vision of another. 

Anyway, that's my take. Feedback would be nice! Hope someone out there can see MY vision. Maybe if I had this program up and running already it would be easier!!! And for anyone thinking of robbing my idea, I have two very solid lawyers ready to pounce ... Jus' sayin'!!!