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We want you to code a multi player mode allowing to play against IA in your

Bomberman. One of the main difference with the Neo Geo version is that graphics will be

using 3D for maps and characters. However the game play stays in 2D.

You have to include randomly generated maps in your project.


VII.1 Library

You can choose between Ogre 3D and Irrlicht libraries.

VII.2 Assets

Your game must use assets. We do not want fighting cubes!

There are plenty of free assets on the Internet. You can of course create your own,

but please keep in mind that we will judge your program.

Chapter VIII


VIII.1 Linux

Your program must be able to be installed on a brand new dump. Your Makefile must,

if launched with "install" as order, install libraries and game on the current computer.

VIII.2 Windows

Your program must include a .exe file that install your game on Windows. There is

several software like install maker that will allow you to do it easily. The hardest part

will be to compile your program on Windows.

Chapter IX

Mandatory part

IX.1 Generalities

You MUST code one of the previously described games. It MUST be functional and


• A complete video game with at least:

◦ Intro

◦ Menu, modes, options (Like managing controllers!), pause, . . .

◦ Save and continue a game

◦ Victory and defeat

◦ Persistent score and ranking

• At least 2 players on the same keyboard for multiplayer-games.

• You must keep the original gameplay of the game you choose, at least in outline...

but turn it into 3D, with nice assets and fx.

• The original view of the game must be kept, at least in outline.

• A reduction of performances is tolerated only for huge maps with a lot of players

or NPCs.

• On multiplayer Game, your program must at least handle two human players. Non

played characters must have the option to be AI controled. Think about allowing

a game only with AI.

• Different players MUST display different colors.

• If you choose to not include all the game inside a single screen, you must think

about a way to display correctly areas around players and players themselves.

• At least 3 powerups must be available for Bomberman, Gauntlet and Hyper Sprint.

At least 5 tools or weapons must be available in Lemmings and Worms.

• AI elements must be scripted. You may propose more than one behaviour.

• You must record scores and display them on the score board. This score board

must be persistent from one execution of the game to another.

• Games MUST be saved and restored with no limits. Date as well as a small screen

shot will be appreciated to identify the game easily.

• Your game MUST be multi-threaded thanks to the library pthread or std::thread.

• Your game MUST have music and sounds effects.

• Your game must display your splash screen. A splash screen is a cool thing. Think

about it.

IA scripts, if required by your game, are up to you. You can use programing languages

such as LUA if you wish.

You are also free to use whatever you want to serialize/unserialize data that you need

to save/load games or scores.

Chapter X



You are more or less free to implement your program how you want it. However there

are certain rules:

• The only functions of the libc that are authorized are those one that encapsulate

system calls, and that don’t have a C++ equivalent.

• A library which is not explicitly authorized is definitively forbidden, within the

limitations of the project.

• Each answer to a problem MUST be an object approach.

• Each value passed by copy instead of reference or by pointer must be justified.

Otherwise, you’ll loose points.

• Each value non const passed as parameter must be justified. Otherwise, you’ll

loose points.

• Each member function or method that does not modify the current instance and

which is not const must be justified. Otherwise, you’ll loose points.

• There are no C++ norm. However if a code is reckoned to be unreadable or dirty,

this code will be penalized. Be serious please!

• It is FORBIDDEN to have connections superiors to (if ... else if ... else

...). You must factorize!