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Small project <800

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1/15/20 1:13 PM

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I need to build 20 small dos games. so firstly I need the tictactoe lan game using TCP/IP communication.

server is the following.

#DOSLIFE online software and gaming service

Hello and welcome to the doslife product brief.

doslife will offer a basic set of online games to the library to start this new service off and to demonstrate the online capabilities.

At a later date doslife will add tools and other software from 3rd party vendors.

All software will be stored on the server as will the user db and other files.

A SQL db that can be accessed by qbasic & c programs will be required for the back end. The users can register via dos with a active tcp connection using a packet driver which a Verification of this account can be done by an email sent and confirmed code by the user.

#server and backend

- Forgot password reset

- email verification

- registration

- user name (screen name)

- user sql db

- delete account

- irc chat server?

- multiplayer networking api


Loading splash screen

Animated gif playing at load screen time. No special requirements just use existing logo and version number.

+ Register / login screen


>User name


>Forgot password - enter user name or email to reset password





>Resend verification email

+ Dashboard / home screen

The dashboard is a dark colour schemed Ui and has limited information on the main screen but you can click on search results and editor's pick to goto the product page which has all the information and specs requirements etc.

>News section

>Editor's picks

>Category search - list, keywords



+ Account screen

>Reset password

>Del account

>Change email

+ Categories search

> tools

> dos apps

> games

> developer tools

> documentation

> books

> music

+ Editor's picks

>Top 6 programs

>view of the tile and name with artwork and link to product page

+News section

> populated by a txt file downloaded from the server at the time of boot.

+ Help

Send us an email. [OBSCURED]

# product screen

So for each product there will be a set artwork image and a text area with system requirements, synopsis and download link.



>date of release


>CPU, memory and storage requirements

> About the product




The games need to be fun basic and simple as well as multiplayer with social elements like chat rooms and news content.

The users will need to be able to install the software on at least a 386 40mhz cpu running dos 6.22 and have 4mb of ram and 16/256 colour display.

The games must work in dosbox or virtual machine for testing.

# tic tac toey

Tic tac toe clone with chat.

#Intergalactic chess

A basic chess game where users can chat and play chess.

#Flipped out psycho

A basic online 2d styled fighter arcade game.


A basic pong clone 2d with chat.

#Guessing machine

The computer asks stupid questions.

#Angry turds

A 2d game where you flick poo at a house.

#cane toad golf

You hit cane toads in the australian out back.

#Flipped out jousting

This is a jousting game on horses, motorbikes, jet skis, dirt bikes, push bikes etc.

#Flipped out tennis

A tennis game with cricket bats, baseball bats etc

#flipped out poker

Themed poker game with chat


A black jack clone

# future titles

Some of these games are already in development

Drunk driving,

A 3d game where you drive hole drunk.

the black expanse,

A 2d top down space shooter.

rpg role playing gangster,

Drug wars clone.

Dead seas,

Dead fx engine’s first game

High school shooter,

Self explanatory

The black expanse 2,

2d isometric sequel.