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Budget (€) :

1,500 - 3,000

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12/5/11 9:48 AM

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We are looking for a Real Estate Listing website which allows high traffic requests; most traffic will be generated locally (Czech Republic).


2. Browsers: The website needs to be running on all major browsers without any issues: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE 7-9, Safari

3. Design: We are looking for a clean, structured and very user friendly design. We might provide you with screen mockups to guide you through individual page layouts, but also look for innovative design drafts from you.

4. SEO / Google Analytics: the website needs to be SEO prepared and should include Google Analytics code.

5. User area (Looking for real estate): Website visitors will be able to see and browse all listings marked as "visible for public". Listings marked as "private" can only been accessed (Detail view) when user has been registered successfully.

Website users can register for free with a minimum number of required fields. The user account has to be verified/ activated by Email after filling the registration form. After activation the user can login to their "user area" and will be able to use special functions. (specified in "6")

6. User area (Special functions): Registered users can…

- add listings to their favorite list and make notes to those items in user area.

- Print exposes (PDF generated from Object detail page)

- Contact owner through site contact function

- Add favorite real estate agents to address book

- Sign-up for alerts (Emails once new objects are listed according to filter set -> multiple alerts possible)

- The user can set a function if he is looking for a property: he will fill a form including all details about location, type of property, etc. -> all real estate agents + private owner suiting to those requirements will get a notification and can contact the user.


7. Private owner listings: Private owners (no real estate agents) can decide to list their property with either a credit base package or a flat rate listing (more in package area). Private owners can list a max. of 3 properties. The registration of owners (and real estate agencies) will be done through a different registration for then for website users. They will have to fill more detailed information (contact, telephone, etc. -> to be specified) and activate their account as well through Email. Once account has been activated, an Email to Admin will be sent with all contact information of private owner. Now, as the private owner is signed up, he can list his property if his credits / funds in his account are sufficient (more in funds / credit section).

8. Real Estate Agents: Real estate agencies would use the same registration form as Private owners with the difference of the choosing "Company" in dropdown. Additional fields like company registration, etc. will appear and need to be filled. The account activation will be done manually from admin after the registration has been completed. Once the account is active, the real estate agent will have to choose a membership package in account area – different packages with specific amounts of listings for time XX will be offered.

All membership packages are prepaid, so the listing function will only be active in case the membership has been set to active (depending on payment method this will be done automatically)

9. Listing administration: Depending on the account (private or real estate) a specific amount of listings can be created/ maintained. The user can set the status of the listings in their user area and can also edit the listing whenever they like. In case a listing has been active for time XX (e.g. 30 days) a message will be sent to owner to re-confirm the property is still available – they would need to re-new with clicking a button next to listing.

A listing is only in active status as long as user has enough credits or an active package assigned to his account. A notification will be sent by mail before credits/ package expires. In listing overview the owner/ real estate agent can see how many people have viewed the listing, how many filled the contact form and how many have this listing in favorite page.

10. Search/ Filter Functions: the website needs a search function by location and also a distance filter (e.g. Prague + 10km around). We require "live" filters which refresh/ reload search results directly after clicking/ setting those. The filters itself will be specified later but the basic function would look like on left sidebar here:

We also need to prepare a Google maps functions where all properties can be found on the map.

11. Listing detail page: on the listing detail page all property information will be shown according to the listing form completed by owner/ agent. The page would look similar to{scid=hdp-site-map-list-photos} but with different design obviously and without graph + tax area. On the detail page we will also show all pictures and a Google map implementation of the property location. We also require a contact form to owner/ agent + a hidden telephone contact (behind link, once clicking link it will be visible) which will be accessible for registered users only. Similar listings will be shown on detail page (similar property type + same location)


12. Credits/ Packages and Fees:

a. Users will be accessing the website for free; no fees will apply. Account activation by mail only.

b. Private Owners will register for free and account activation is by mail only. Before private owners can list their first property they need to upload credits (1 credit / 1 listing / 1 day) or sign up for a private owner membership plan (e.g. Basic plan: 1 listing, 30 days, amount X). Private owners can also decide to promote their listing with colored background, main page listing or showing listing on top of list in or in specific section/ area (this featured listings will be paid by credits / day or with membership plan).

c. Real estate agents will register for free but admin needs to activate their account. Once active in system they can sign up for membership plans (e.g. 20 listings / months). They can decide to feature their listings in the same way as private owners.

13. Payment Gateways: On the website we will use different payment gateways for instant activation/ credit upload + for manual activation/ credit upload:

a. Instant: Paypal (incl. CC), Moneybookers (incl. CC), + SMS Payment (-> all links to APIs can be provided if needed)

b. Manual: Bank transfer (manual activation/ credit upload from admin panel)

14. Invoicing: after each payment/ membership sign-up a PDF invoice is generated and sent to member; depending on payment method it will be either marked as paid or include payment. Invoices can be reviewed in account page "Invoice history".

15. Languages: the website will be 100% translated in 2 languages: English and Czech (Czech translation will be provided)

16. Admin panel: we need a full admin panel to access/ modify the data of the website, such as: - users (de-active, edit, reset password, delete) - listings (de-active, edit, delete) - owners (de-active, edit, reset password, delete, change membership plan, upload credits) - real estate agents (de-active, edit, reset password, delete, change membership plan, upload credits) - finance overview (total overview + overview by owner/ agent) - dashboard for overview about current users, listings, finance status, etc. - system settings like payment gateway Email addresses, admin mail, etc. - modify Email templates

17. Content pages: some basic static content pages like Impressum, Contact, About us, etc.

18. Real Estate agent Profiles: Real Estate agents can book a package (depending on membership) which will allow them to create a public profile. (similar to: The public profile includes contact information, references, all active listings of agency + ratings.

19. Ratings: Registered users will be able to rate real estate agents on different factors. A toplist will be created based on rating scores.