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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

12/22/12 5:40 PM

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Background: we have a lot of t-shirt returns which need to be handled in a short time. What we want to do is following:

1. Return arrives and a staff member chooses from a form: amount, product, motif, size and color (drop down or radio button or similiar). The product will be added to the "Returns DB". If motif is not in the database, there should be a possibility to add it. 

2. It should be possible to browse through all returns in the database and do a search as well as editing and deleting products. Also filtering for the product, the size, color and so on.

3. It should be possible to upload a picture for the product. If a picture has been uploaded it should be shown as a thumbnail if products are listed.

4. I have written an easy eBay Lister myself with the help of eBay DEV Center. Based on this lister or a self written lister it should be possible to list items from the database directly in eBay. 

5. It should be possible to export the data from the DB to a CSV file and viceversa import this CSV back to the DB overwriting existing entries and adding new entries.


Notes: there are 6 different products (Mens Shirt, Womens Shirts, Longsleve...and so on.) You should have an eBay DEV account which is free of charge and easy to use. The eBay lister should be able to list variations and HTML code. The HTML Code should be created from the database entries (description, size, color and so on). Also the Return Management System should have a user access control (Username and Password with a log: who has done what). After payment we will have the rights for the source code.