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Budget (€) :

3,000 - 6,000

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2/25/15 7:52 PM

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Revamp of an exisiting 2D MMO RPG game

I'm looking for a programmer - or a team - who are willing and able to recreate an existing 2D MMO RPG game that has been up and running since last century. The current game has a lot of outdated workings and is very difficult to maintain, and to develop further as a means of providing new options for the gamers still playing (currently between 100 and 500 active users only).


While the gameplay itself is quite standard for a 2D RPG game (users create characters from a choice of races, battle creatures and other players while gaining levels in a multitude of skills, and gathering items) there are some extra things being asked for. The game has to be rebuilt completely from scratch, so quite a lot of work is involved there, though no thinking has to be done anymore about the specifics of the game itself.


The most special requirement is that the owner of the game should have an easy interface added just for him where the following things can be handled by him:

- Adding areas to the world map, including spawn rates and areas of creatures;

- Adding new items;

- Adjusting statistics on items, races, creatures etc.

- Adjusting XP gain formulas;

- Adding "GM" accounts, with added rights compared to "normal" users, and the ability to maintain their rights.


On top of this, payment options should be created through a safe interface (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, iDeal - note that payments are not mandatory for the users and that this part can be added after the deadline (we'll get to that).


The user accounts need to be interlinked to a forum, where the users should have the same username and password as they use for the game itself - with the possibility to adjust their screenname to one of their character's names. Each user account should be able to handle 3-5 characters.


The forum itself doesn't have to be anything fancy (OK, it should look a bit nice of course), but it needs to have the option for the game owner to assign and maintain the rights of Moderators.


The game engine should support at least 100 simultaneous online players without creating any lag; with a bonus for any 0 added behind that.





The game and the forum should be finalized by the end of June 2015.

The payment options are OK to be added until the end of July 2015.


It's quite a tight schedule, but the payment I think is quite OK for this.

If all ends up being succesfull, there are further development options possible after this part of the project.



Payment is only available upon delivery of a beta-test environment.

Co-ownership of the game itself can be discussed as well as part of the payment or as the complete payment, depending on the % the developer wants to become owner of the game for.


Looking forward to hear from you,

Gerard Faber.