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9/4/11 12:27 PM



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Basiclly it's a collecting of data, whick then is mirrored on our website through an iframe (or other option) Everything stored and saved on our server Same layout as the source, just 2 banners and some links that needs to be changed. Our servers are Unix (Apache?) so it needs to run on that. It should collect data and update our site every x hour. (set between 1 to 48 hours) Cronjob/crontab? Should be easily changed Url to collect: Should be integrated into our site: 1. Banner on each car page, like here: image: Man - Fre: 08.00-1900 Etc Both these two are to be exchanged with our own banner, and linked to a form. The form can be the same, but it need to send along what car the user came from: Like: Volkswagen Golf 1,6 TDI 4Motion pris kr. 4900.- 2011, 11 000 km On this one: Other fields needed: Name (Navn) Email (Email) Phone (Telefon) Comment (Kommentar)  - a bigger field. Submit (Send inn) The norwegian text is inside the ( ) and are what is to be displayed. Top of the page can say: Interesse for xxxxx xxxxx = the car (Volkswagen Golf 1,6 TDI 4Motion pris kr. 4900.- 2011, 11 000 km) So the user know they are showing interest in this car. 2. When you click the images on a car - it will show like this: It's important that the link saying "Tilbake til annonsen" on the right sends the user back to our page, and not the link there is now. Maybe easiest just to use Javascript back, if not the best would be a link back to the orginal product info page, in this case: (But of course on our server) 3.Insert Google Analytics Code on all these pages just before </head> That is the only things that needs to be changed. 4. A good option would be and admin where we can set the: 1. X hours the data is to be collected. 2. Google Analytics Code 3. Change the banner image used on all cars (2 images) Also set an override url - (so the link will go to this url, instead of the standard form set first)