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6,000 - 10,000

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8/20/14 6:58 PM

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We are rentals agency, ased in south of france, rapidly expanding though europe and beyond. What we do is that we act as managing agents and we are also an outsource comany. We find home owners who already work with sites like aiarbnb, home away and others and get them on every other website that they dont already work with to maximise the chance of getting their calendar filled with bookings. Because we registered as a legal entity, we have the right to work with some sites like expedia and other big sites in the market. We alredy use a company called IT-Solutions who provide us with a channel manager allowing us to connect to other sites and sync rates and availability, which at the moment involves a lot of work.


What we are looking for today, is two things (one or the both) :

1) we are looking for someone to develope us a simpl website which would allow to have an About page explaining what we do, our concept etc, also having Become a Host page which would allow people to contact us by filling in the form to ask for the service and contracting. Then also a Destinations page, where people can go and book one of out apartments, being able to pay.


2) we are looking for the site like described above, but.... We also want to have a client log-in/dashboard panell. This means, the owners can come and post their properties with us. Our team would then get their property on every other site (airbnb, and others). Having advance chanell manager tools of our own, we would allow them to have access to the planning and manage any incoming requests and communicate through our platform. All of this in exchange for a small commission.


The end goal, eventually we want to develop a site which acts as a channel distributor. Which also would allow hotels to sign up with us and be on one platform. All payments and reservations would be managed by us. Hotels, Instead of working individually with expedia or home owners instead of spending time to list their properties on every website, would have one platform, that offers the entire solution.

Please get in touch with your proposals.


I do understand, a site of this kind, would require high skilled developers, intergrators a good design team.


Thanks for your time.


Final Overview of the Project:

We are rentals agency, based in south of France, rapidly expanding across the Europe. What we do is that we act as managing agents and we are also an outsource company. In other words we take full responsibility on deliverables. we make sure we provide our host with as many bookings as possible using third party sites like airbnb, booking, expedia etc. 

Maximising rentals income is one of our main objectives, which comes at a great cost- a lot of labour is being put in trying to connect with channel manager of one company, then following the process foe month in trying to get property posted on site, and then more follows: issues with not being able to communicate with clients through one platform, raise invoices and so forth.

Having to go though this costly and painful experience of every site imposing various rate rules, not providing the tools to manage reservations and planning and being charged for any errors we decided there is time for us to develop our own platform which could support and make every end users life easy using us. 
So this message is calling all designers, developers and integrators to pitch in. 

What we want to deliver:
Booking engine site, where travellers can book hotels and any other type of  accommodation; have options to filter out by price, location and so forth. A site, where a host can easily list his accommodation or hotel and make it available to a wide audience, as well as being able to take a use of advanced management tools (iCal features, planing, accounting, reporting etc). Also a platform which would also have many individual user profiles/dashboards based on the end user level to manage their work load: Hotel: planing features, notifications about upcoming reservations, issues need resolving, managing existing rooms/apartments, being able to add more, organise content, connect on other sites to multiply channels. 

Apart from that you only need to know that all payments will go though our platform, there will be particular commission structure inside (similar to Airbnb), funds will be cleared upon check-in or no-show. 
The end goal, is to have a hybrid site with all the main features that other companies today seam to be able to offer and we will offer it for free. We will only be dealing with confirmed/paid reservations because of the payment flow system. 

Eventually we want our site to become a channel distributor. Which also would allow hotels to sign up with us and be on one platform. Rates would stay the same. We would like to make other sites redundant with the right product and publicity.

Please get in touch with your proposals.
I do understand, a site of this kind, would require high skilled developers, integrators a good design team.
Thanks for your time.

Ideally we are looking for a team who can deliver design, development inntegration and the support after. This type of website would need an IT department to be maintained.

About the website:

What we are trying to achieve is a website which would be a mix of the both: and

The both websites, as you know specialise in rentals: is a giant in the market providing a platform for hotels, which allows the hotels to upload their rooms, rates, have different types of rates (non-refundable, standard, add discounted rates etc). Hotels can also upload the content such as photos, configuration of rooms, amenities etc.. 

The design is the key to our site, as well as being the most user friendly. We want the end user to have a channel manager tools. Also to be able to handle the payment procedure. 

Besides all, we want our platform of course to have a same booking functionality like the any other sites.

The home page should have a booking bar, which allows the guest book any type of accommodation they want. Some filters would be required. My colleague has been working on this design, have a look: We like the design. The booking bar however, needs to have the following in the bar: Destination (when you start typing a city, it should automatically bring a destination (i.e. Nice, France, just like airbnb search bar does)),  Check-In and Check-Out dates and the category of accommodation (Hotel, Apartment, Villa etc), the click Search (or simply hit enter button). From this point onwards it`s pretty logical…our website should pull the list of hotels or properties available in the city. We would like a map displayed (like here:, where the guest can chose by area, or further filter everything down accommodation or rooms by price etc.


Guest: Every user of our site could create an account just how airbnb guest do with simple dashboard, where they communicate. We want a little bit more advanced advanced tools then airbnb offer. Of course we want our guests to be able to communicate via our platform. But we also want our guest to be able to request additional items/services: extra towels, baby cot, airport pick up, and so forth. Besides that guest should be able to leave reviews, rate the property, recommend places around the area/neighbourhood.

Host: we want an advanced dashboard where user can communicate, leave reviews, see payment section, upload neighbourhood recommendations. Apply for professional photography. Hire a local cleaner and a guy who could give the keys for the check in.

Hotels/Host: we want the planning feature would be advanced, which means, you can add times of arrival, times of departure, have an organisation tool for people like cleaners, runners, airport-pick up guy etc to organise their time.


Further more, we want to eventually invite local businesses and offer them (by paying subscription fee) to advertise they local businesses. For example the owner of the restaurant across the street, could make a request to list his restaurant. A professional team would come and gather the info, organise professional photos, and add in the neighbourhood section.