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Small project <800

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4/23/16 11:15 PM

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Write Routine in c# that does the following:

  • read the attached rota-q.xlsx
  • import all data-blocks from  rota-q.xlsx into the existing .csv-files (see attached screenshot for explanation) line by line
  • if there are lines with the same date in rota-q.xlsx and the .csv-file -> overwrite in .csv-file with the new data from rota-q.xlsx.
  • put new lines in .csv-file in the right place -> sorted by date
  • create new .csv-file if there is no corresponding one for a data-block
  • after import into .csv-file, put the date of the last imported line in Row one of the rota-q.xlsx file (see attached screenshot for explanation)
  • save/close all .csv-files and rota-q.xlsx

Routine should be compatibel with Visial Studio Express 2012.

Routine should be run from Shell (no graphical interface) usage: „imptw path1 path2“

Path1 is the path to rota-q.xlsx file. Path2 is the path to all .csv-files.

Routine should work without excel installed. If excel is needed it should be excel 2013.