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Budget (€) :

3,000 - 6,000

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12/13/15 5:57 PM

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we need for our joung NGO Sea-Watch which is rescuring ppl a small android App to collect data of migrant boats and to give the refugees a tool to send theyer position


the database will have access points to all interested NGOS like WTM, lesbos civil coordination,


the app should have the following features


the app must work with personal id, e-mail and (or) phone number / backend we have a database with user details


- > than the app shoult take one or more picture

- > currant gps data of the device

- > time


general settings tracking interval 5,10,30 minute also option switch on / of the gps by app


meta data


- how many ppl on board /  can be specifyed in injured/prignat/man/woman/child

- status / on land / rescured / distress / rescure in process

- condition good/bad/sinking

- how many days at sea

- engine working yes/no

- boat type / rubber / steel / wood / other

- other involved / yes/no - specifc (text string)

- task open/close




all data need to be collectes with a simple and easy visible template on the smatphone

the data should be send via post to a php site which stores the data a database

if no internet avalible the data has to be stores until next online connection

the image size should be reduced to a small size which can be sended easily

if no internet avalibe the meta data should be send via sms



backward this app should receife all open task and to show in a simple map of the medeiterran sea (image with position overlay of the gps data)


working mode


first the user has to select a level, we have 4 options


- SAR member at sea

- land team at beach

- search from Land

- land manual adding case


this settings has to be fixed in properties of the APP device


according to the "class" in the next step differant data will be required


Required functions:


function (is position in the mediterran) : chack a coordinate pair if the position is located in the mediterran or on land


function distance (my position, radius in m)


function to detect operation and escaping area by users position


this is also reqired to check missusing of the app, each position must be verifyed before adding a case


the operation or escaping areas will be defined by a geo position polygon in a extra table with 3-x corners


so values of

operation_area and starting_area will be automaticly calculated by the server or app. not need to select by user.