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12/1/10 3:01 PM

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Do-X teatro - seatmap
Flash application


It will flash application requires that the seating plan of scalaria Do-X teatro book individual seats can be based on.


https: / / / WCQ /

The seating plan is as an image (2-D). The individual chairs can be selected and the application will be placed in a basket on.
In the Flash application, only the representation of the seating plan and the selection of seats implemented.

The entire ordering process (Article condition, price and availability management, shopping cart, ordering, invoicing, order administration) is HTML / PHP web application created as and is not part of the Flash application.

Seating plans of the Do-X teatro at:

@ Michael: Seating plans be completed more

Business Processes
Seating Plan-view
Based on data from the web shop are seats in the seating plan with colors or not bookable for sites with an X marked the.

Each place may have the following status:
- available (available)
- locked (locked) - X fitted with:
- recorded (booked) - X provided with

Per square there are 4 different price categories (care in the Webshop with data transfer to flash).

The current status can be managed in the web shop system and the Flash application delivered to.

Law details the categories shown (eg Category 1, description, price xxx ?????). MORE These data are uniquely defined and fixed flash entered in the.
Xxx? more details on FlashGibts
seating select
clicking on a seat is by changing its color and the place is marked (border?).
Further, the total of the marked places in the updated Flash.

2 versions of the data transfer from Flash to PHP:
- Each of marking of a place (via Ajax will update the cart)
- on the 'Order' buttonto
which version is usedclick,will clarify the technical conditions defined by.

by selecting Deleteof theseat
onemarked seat canagain be demarcated and that an update of the total causes
Flash / PHP interfaces
The data from the database of the web shop are in invocation of Flashis read.
also.The following fields are passed
- Product Name
- Price
- Status
- Series
- Square

Passing PHP to Flash:

Transfer of selected articles from Flash to PHP:
sample XML
<products> <product> <Artikelnummer> 1 </ number> <Verkaufspreis> € 4095 </ price> <Title> aquaria 2011 - ticket - Category 1 </ title> <Verffentlicht> Yes </ Verffentlicht> <Active> Yes < / Active> <StockLevel> 1 </ stock level> </ product> <product> <Artikelnummer> 2 </ number> <Verkaufspreis> € 195 </ price> <Title> aquaria 2011 - ticket - Category 1 - Series 6 - Space 1 </ title> <Verffentlicht> Yes </ Verffentlicht> <Active> No </ Active> </ product> </ products>

Shopping Cart - AddItem
Option 1 - preferably
Javascript call
 $ ('#  Click ();
1114 is the Model
edit-submit-1114')).$ (-'. Remove-cart-link 1114';). Click (

Option 2
Call via Ajax call with the following parameters (POST)
session ID, etc. are made available for PHP (Flash-variable)
form-form_build_id    333bf26ccf58a560dae912341ac571de
form_id    uc_product_add_to_cart_form_1114
form_token    9d1a27036069545057072c39ac4fa571
product-nid    1114
qty    1