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Dear all, 

I hope you are well and I send warm regards.

I am a single mum, raising 2 children and am communicating with my ex-husband. Because of the situation it is best if another person communicates messages to him (e.g., when I communicate he sometimes responds in a personal way). I am preparing emails that go to him to answer to a few issues and would like someone else to send them. I prepare for you the email account to send them and the full content of the email. but I would need your name, and would need you to be willing to send these out as a mediation function. You do not need to be a mediator , of course it helps if you are a student or so in that field, in communications, in family law, in writing or a professional. I pay USD 2 per email sent (all you need to do is click the send button), and a large bonus if all is agreed in the end - the better the outcome, the larger. I can pay via PayPal or other payment function. I am testing this as a new means of communicating with him safely. You can do this from anywhere in the world. 

Best regards, 



Ideally someone in the field of mediation or communication (but not at all required) 

Ideally someone with a college degree 

Able to press send button do deliver emails that are pre-prepared 

Able to keep confidential information confidential (do not pass on the information) 

Important to send any email quickly after I prepare it