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10/1/11 6:25 PM

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This app should manage your photos that are already on flickr. If you want to promote your pictures on flickr, you need to add your photos to groups, set tags, build sets etc. My application should make all this as easy as possible. You first define one or more "actions" which consist of a selection of groups, tags and sets. Then you select some photos and run one or more "actions" on them. That's all. All this should be accessible with a very fast and easy user interface. I already created mockups of the user interface design, icons and artwork, but I need someone to code the app. The final product should be a universal iPhone/iPad application with full feature set, and a version with limited features with the in app purchase to the full version feature set. The code should be prepared to be easily ported to OSX. Here is a complete list of wanted features: Main supported features: - Allow user to login to a flickr account - List and search logged-in user's flickr photos - Add user's photos to group(s) via Actions - Add tag(s) to user's photo(s) via Actions - Add user's photo(s) to photo set(s) via Actions - Create new photo set (with user-supplied title and description) - Select/Define actions which consist of one or more of each: group, tag, photo set Example user workflow utilizing existing actions: - User runs application - User logs into their flickr account if they haven't before - Upon successful login, user is shown their flickr photos - User selects one or more photos - User taps "Choose Action" - User is presented with a list of existing actions - User selects one or more actions from a list - User selects "Run Selected Actions" - Selected actions are executed sequentially using the flickr API Example user workflow for defining new actions: - User runs application - User logs into their flickr account if they haven't before - Upon successful login, user is shown their flickr photos - User taps "Actions" button/selection - User is presented with an Add/Edit Actions view - User is able to define new actions or edit existing actions. (An action is a list of corresponding groups, sets, and tags. One or more actions can be applied to one or more photos) - When selecting a tag, the user is able to add a new tag to a tag list that is stored locally on the iOS device. - When selecting a group the user is only able to view and search already subscribed groups. - When selecting a photoset, the user is able to choose from an existing photoset. The user can also create a new photoset and define the title and description. Additional considerations: - Actions will be run in a queue system where each item being processed in the queue is run asynchronously in a background thread so it doesn't hang the UI on the main thread. - When the actions background thread is running, this will be shown by a small indicator on the main screen. There must also be a dialog that shows the current status (e.g. 26 groups to add, 14 sets to add, 39 tags to add) and a button that can stop the queue and delete the remaining actions. - User will be able to navigate the UI to select new photos to perform actions on while existing actions are still being processed in the action queue. - Optional In app purchase - Application can request up to 10 minutes of time after application is "closed" in order to finish action processing. If application is terminated, application will remember what actions it was processing and resume those on the next launch. - If a photo is already in a specific set or group pool calling the API will simply return an error that the photo already exists in the set. This behavior may be the same for tags and is simply not documented, if not the tags will be checked before submitting the API request to add a new tag. - If the API returns error #5 (Photo limit reached) when trying to call flickr.groups.pools.add, it will be kept in the queue for the next time the action queue is processed, but can be removed manually.