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 Create small .com  server templates used  to  drive a specific application exe. Example of a type of  project is in the  attached document.  (Last pages of the attachment) Other types similar to this example will be developed in the same method.  

Either is VB (MS Visual Studio 2008) or C++.NET are the two example codes, creating the  same example project. 

Some knowledge  of CAD software is preferred, some engineering understanding would be  helpful. 

If it  works,  here is the exact code for the example in VB:

Example #3: Line and load definition (Visual Basic)

This example is written in VisualBasic (using Microsoft VisualStudio 2008). It defines a line and place distributed loads

on it. The entire vb file is listed. The main part is executed when the Start button is clicked.

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices ' we need that for COM object releasing

Public Class frmMain

Private Sub btnStart_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles


On Error GoTo ErrHandler

btnStart.Enabled = False

First the COM server is created and the AxisModel variable is set to the current AxisVM model.

' create AxisVM COM server: always create 'AxisVMApplication' first!

Dim AxisApp As New AxisVM.AxisVMApplication

' check for Loaded state

While AxisApp.Loaded = False

' let other threads do their work without 100% CPU usage


End While

' when com client releases AxisVM COM Server's last object com server will terminate

immediately without asking to save current model

' if AskCloseOnLastReleased set to TRUE then AxisVM will ask the user whether to close

AxisVM or not

AxisApp.AskCloseOnLastReleased = True

' current AxisVM supports only one model to be loaded -> get first model

Dim AxisModels = AxisApp.Models

Dim AxisModel = AxisModels.Item(1)

Two nodes are created

' //------ GEOMETRY BEGIN ------\\

' get the Nodes interface of current model

Dim AxisNodes = AxisModel.Nodes

' add two nodes

Dim nNodeId1 = AxisNodes.Add(1.0, 1.0, 1.0)

If nNodeId1 < 1 Then

MsgBox("Error adding node #1. Error code: " + Str(nNodeId1), MsgBoxStyle.Critical,


End If

Dim nNodeId2 = AxisNodes.Add(10.0, 10.0, 1.0)

If nNodeId2 < 1 Then

MsgBox("Error adding node #2. Error code: " + Str(nNodeId2), MsgBoxStyle.Critical,


End If

The two nodes are connected with a straight line.

Dim rLineGeomData As AxisVM.RLineGeomData

' get the Lines interface of current model

Dim AxisLines = AxisModel.Lines

' connect two nodes with a straight line (no need to fill the RLineGeomData because it has

only circle or ellipse related data)

Dim nLineId = AxisLines.Add(nNodeId1, nNodeId2, AxisVM.ELineGeomType.lgtStraightLine,


If nLineId < 1 Then

MsgBox("Error adding line. Error code: " + Str(nLineId), MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Error")

End If

' //------ GEOMETRY END ------\\

The line is defined as a beam element.

' //------ ELEMENTS BEGIN ------\\

' need crosssection(s) and material to define a line element (eg. beam