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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

11/23/12 7:17 PM

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Our problem: We sell on different channels (ebay, shops, Amazon) and have to do similar work more than once to list an item on all channels at the same time.

We have lots of flat files with data from our products we are selling. For example a flat file for selling a pullover in different sizes and colors. This flat file should be imported into a database from where I can export a HTML Code for an eBay auction. Also the eBay API should be used to list this item on demand on eBay. Also the data from the database should be used to generate another CSV file for a shop system like Magento.

I have written a very basic code for this myself but now I want to have this coded properly.

Basically it should be a backend with user access control and a CSV to MySQL and MySQL to HTML and CSV.  

In a further step it should be possible to generate the flat files in an interface and store the data in den DB. Example:

Enter product name and generate SKU

Upload images

Enter search terms and check if 50 letters or less.

Enter price

And so on.

The interface should check a list of EAN numbers and chose those which aren’t in use so far and add those to the products.


It should be possible to list Products with variants, to edit and to delete those.

This interface uses eBay and Amazon API. So you should have an eBay and Amazon dev Account.