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7/5/14 11:12 AM



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Create a Macro with following features. 1. Choose two files. File1 and File2 2. Retrieve column titles from both files and put them in check boxes. The number of columns can be about 60 3. Allow user to select which column will be compared from file1. 4. Allow user to select which column will be compared from file2 5. Allow user to select what columns will be exported into a third file in case there is a match between file1 and file2 Note: If there is a match between IDs and key values then there is a match. There might be several IDs in one cell Note: Columns titles are not fixed to one column letter, column titles can be found in any letter but the titles is found always in the same row. 6. Save the selection of the checkboxes for later so the user does not have to select columns again. 7. If ID is found in file1 but not in file2 then show one column with those IDs 6. Allow user to select the place to save the third file where all matched data from file 1 and 2 has been exported to