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We are a non-profit association with offices in Italy and Romania. We are developing a program in Italy and Romania for the development of the social economy with the help of two universities. The program involves the deployment of an ethical label " Ethicalworld ' and is visible on the site [obscured] or [obscured] for now only in Italian and Romanian languages.

To develop the program for the dissemination of the ethical brand , our association has decided to provide to potential customers, some services : responsive website development , social media marketing and local advertising services .

Our program is to acquire a distributor of our brand and services ,to it related, in every Italian town , so we expect a large volume of work in a few months .

We would be interested in your services outsorsing for our potential customers.

In this first phase , we are developing a program to our local representatives based on joomla platform that helps us to raise funds.


The site has any “special offers “ of our business partners residents in a single city 'with whom we agreed a special discount for the visitors of our site

The customer (visitor of the site) to get a discount can :

1) Print the voucher to present to our partners and directly get discount from our partners when he pays for the service or product.

2) Pay by credit card for the product or service through our web site having a higher discount or benefit.



In both cases, the visitor of the site is 'invited to donate to a charity some or all of what' save for a noble cause chosen each month in the city.

The customer can 'also reserve a table at a restaurant or can reserve a hotel room.

We explain in detail how the site works:

1 ) The sites' visitor lands on the home page

2 ) On the home page it is visible the menu of categories , (Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel etc.) in the site test “Brescia-news “we have populated only the category " Restaurants " with n . 3 articles ( restaurants)

3 ) With a click on a category in the main menu the visitor opens a page with a list of all articles of a single category ( page : " I migliori ristoranti di Brescia )

4) By clicking on button " SCOPRI “(discover) you are directed to the page of the respective articol ( that is 3 restaurants: Osteria al Bianchi , Ristorante Bella Napoli Pizzeria, Trattoria Cantinaccia )

5 ) From the " single page of the article" the visitor through the button " VAI AL BUONO SCONTO”(go to the discount coupon ") accesses the page coupon for that product wich is a form that the visitor must fill out.

(Buono sconto Osteria Al Bianchi, Buono sconto Ristorante Bella Napoli Pizzeria, buono sconto Trattoria Cantinaccia ) . The discount form of each item has the same name of the reference article but a different alias and is included in the category “ Buoni sconto" (Discount Coupons) "

The " voucher " ( discount form ) consists of the following modules :

1 ) Login Form

2 ) Form to request a donation

3 ) Form to make a reservation calendar with the dates of arrival and departure (only for restaurants and hotels)

4) QR code


In the bottom of the form “Buono sconto "( voucher ) the visitor has two gray buttons :

1) “Invia il tagliando” (" SEND THIS COUPON ")

2)”Paga subito”( " PAY NOW ")


The visitor can ' then :


1 ) Print the voucher without paying anything and it will be ' returned to a page of ”Ringraziamento (thanks giving) Ringraziamenti (category thanks)

2 ) Pay the product now so that will be getting a further discount ' then he is directed to the page of the bank " page paypall


Only in the second case, depending on the choices made, the visitor must 'be directed to a " summary page "(pagina di riepilogo)with a note of what must ' pay. (Example : Page Osteria Al Bianchi category riepiloghi ) If he will confirm ' will be' directed to ' page paypall . "

NB .

It 's not necessary a Cart : you can' buy one product / service at a time.

There are no shipments of goods. The visitor personally pay for the goods or services to the seller.


The work that we need from you is' to provide the software for the operation of the “Pagina Buono sconto "(page voucher )" (form ) and the resulting " summary page " .(Pagina di riepilogo)


We explain here ' in detail how they should run the " page voucher " conteining the vaucher form and the " summary page "(Pagina di riepilogo)


The visitor is invited to fill out the forms in the (“Pagina Buono sconto)"page voucher " (form )



1 ) Login Form


Are required only the visitor's name and email to be entered into the database of Joomla visitors

registered (It is neded control of a valid email)


2 ) Module of choice for to make a donation


The visitor has three ' chance' of choice :


1 ) Donating 100% of what he save ( 8 euro - see web site )

2 ) Donating 30 % of what he save ( € 2.4 - see web site )

3 ) Not donate anything ( 0 euro )


The amount of how much the visitor save is entered manually by the administrator when creating the " voucher form ." In the case of sample site is :8 euro .

In addition, the visitor can ' save another € 2 if he pay immediately with a credit card .


( the numbers: 8 and 2 are entered manually by the administrator when creating the " voucher form " )


Before he can access the bank the visitor will see ' the " summary page " with the amount to be paid



3 ) form to make a reservation calendar with the dates of arrival and departure (only for restaurants and hotels)

( in the case of restaurants appears in the module , only the date and time of booking)


4) QR code should automatically generate a QR code for each different " voucher form " in the bottom of the page


After the visitor will have ' paid or after the visitor will have' compiled ' the form" without to pay , he must' look the “Pagina di ringraziamento”“thank you “page


In both cases, the " voucher form ' must' be sent to three ' email addresses:


1 ) Superuser

2 ) Administrator

3 ) Guest



Must ' be populated a database including all the " discount coupons " submitted by the sites' visitors . The database must 'be accessible to the amministrator and superuser.

The software must to be used for all the categories that will be created in the future in the site ( Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel , etc.



PAGINA DI RIEPILOGO (summary page)  


Riepilogo Pagamento:


Prezzo scontato Euro (discounted price)


Donazione Euro (donation)


Pagamento con carta di credito (Payment by credit card)


Totale da pagare Euro (total to pay)






Vi ringraziamo per aver usato i nostri servizi . Vi preghiamo di controllare nella Vostra posta elettronica dove troverete la copia del buono sconto da voi scelto.


in our work program we have included the possibility 'to develop for our clients sites accessible that meet the criteria of the W 3C. I mean, simple sites only in HTML language sites of a few pages. Each page must be tested here ' We kindly ask you if you are able to do this kind of sites. We provide you all the static content for each page the domain and the web space.