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Small project <800

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6/7/12 3:52 PM



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It requires a short period of study and analysis of our PHP development tool that allows us then to start a development project for changes and corrections on Runtime module.

After this period of study, you must be able to estimate and perform changes on the tool easily. 


Our development system is composed of two objects: Runtime and the Generator.
» Generator
It is a graphical interface to provide an easy, table driven, fully featured unique way to plan, define and develop every kind of application.
Object definition, data access, actions programming and interfaces design are completely based on abstraction layers and they are independent from runtime used technologies.
All developed modules will generate running PHP code files: no coding is needed, but there are no limits to code integration, always keeping application under Generator control.
» Runtime
It is a set of PHP scripts, providing runtime execution of Generator-generated modules.
Runtime takes care of maintaining application behavior consistent across DBMS, platforms and GUI systems.
Once developed applications can run every time, everywhere without any changes and users can access the same application remotely (by a standard browser)
or locally (by a GTK+2 GUI system) experiencing the same interface.