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When you first join, you'll have to choose a species and customize your own colors. (You will have options to buy fur changes in the stores. More about this will be shown in-game.) You'll have to choose one of the given classes. Once you choose a class you get that classes started weapon and attack skill(s). You'll also get a pet to level up and fight with you. After you get that all filled out Talvi the guardian of Talviara. Gives you a tour on the basics of the game. Once the tour complete you get a welcome clothing decoration and start off in a completely white room (your very own customization den) with your character. A pop-up box will pop up with background options and a pop-up message saying "You will have the option to collect more backgrounds in the future." (or something like that) and you choose one of the given options. There will also be a prop box where you can set out your furniture. (You'll be able to purchase more with Geld / real currency.) Once you're done with creating your room you can choose what to do next.

Map features: The next that will need to be done on there is the Map. The map will have a Trading center. What happens there? You and your character can go in and make trades with other players. A chat center. What do you do there? Where you and your character just go in (in a non-animated) pose and have the option to switch poses and simply just to chat. A role-play center. What do you do here? Same thing as the chat center only with role players, (NOTE: there is no attacking allowed in the role play area.) A PVP area. What do you do here? You and your character will have the option to defeat other players and gain EXP & Geld. (What is Geld? Geld is the games currency.)

You will get to Level up in this game and the highest level on free is 50 but if you buy the other packs you'll get higher. (More about this will be stated later)

There will also be tons of quests for you to do in the game. Small to large.