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Looking for a PHP developer who can help us with the following project/tool.

We want to create a mini search engine where anyone can copy/paste an external URL link, a job post (any job opening on any website in the world that contains a title, description, city…etc) and from there, the tool will evaluate the content, and come up with a result, probably a percentage, to tell the user if the job is flexible. By flexible, we mean that the job could be a part time job, working from home, or a job that doesn’t have fixed hours, unlimited vacations, 2 days a week… We would then provide a list of results, depending on your percentage, a different message would appear. Example: 9% = Poor Flexibity. 80% = This job seems to be what you are looking for? Something in that direction. The whole tool needs to be in French. Ovously, the back-end will be in English but all keywords and pasted links will be in French.

Now, there are 2 way to do it.

OPTION 1) Keywords, we can give you a list of key words that will impact the result. According to how many keywords the link contains, the result will change. It is not 100% accurate but could be a fun tool to use.

OPTION 2) AI - Use artificial intelligence to read the content of the page and come up with a result accordingly.

We are open to the 2 options. We would like to see what can be done. Our current website is using Wordpress as A CMS, we would like to include that tool as part of our site and be able to manage that tool in the WP Dashboard with a tab ‘’Tool’’ or something like that.

Can anybody help me here?

Thank you very much,