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Qui sotto la descrizione del progetto. Premetto che questo progetto è stato completato 2 anni fa ma non è risultato soddisfacente: in effetti il database (SQL) ha molte lacune e non è relazionale. Le consequenze sono disastrose. Avremmo bisogno di ri-strutturare il database e ri-sviluppare il progetto seguendo quello che è stato già fatto, senza perdere dati e reportistica.


Our organization requires an information management system which allows the organization to track project and training activities around the world; periodically analyze both programmatic and financial progress in relation to targets; regularly administer questionnaires regarding training events; and generate reports on the results.

The system should be easily adaptable in order to provide customized information to different target audiences; simple and user-friendly, easy to upgrade and expand for the addition of further databases as project opportunities arise and for substantial increases in data volume. It should require minimum maintenance and IT support and be functional in all the project environments where IDLO operates. The advantages of webbased automated systems, allowing to save time and limit human errors related to data entry, should be carefully valued against the need to ensure compatibility with IDLO’s target audience whose working conditions may entail limited access to Internet and computers.

The system should allow the following functions:

1) Monitoring and reporting on all IDLO projects:

a) Allow all IDLO country offices to regularly input and update data on:

  • project activities and outputs progress against workplan;
  • project expenditures against budgets;

b) Enable various levels of reporting targeted at different audiences (e.g. at-aglance status reports for management, monthly financial reports for finance department, program monitoring reports and requests for action program department)

c) Mechanisms for review and feedback

d) Enable quick and easy collection of information across different reports (e.g.list all major milestones from last 6 months’ reports, graph expenditure rate for last six months, annual number of IDLO beneficiaries by region, gender,etc)

2) Evaluating training:

Evaluation of training courses will be conducted at different levels, following Kirkpatrick’s model for evaluating training programs. In particular information will be collected with respect to: participants’ satisfaction with training; skills acquisition; and changes of performance at work. To this purpose and in the light of the types of training activities conducted by IDLO, the system should allow for the following functions:

  •  Design and disseminate surveys through internet, electronic and paper copies;
  • Collect responses electronically (by email, CDrom) and hard copies, in a way to allow for reaching out to target audiences who cannot easily access computers, who have difficultly accessing the internet;
  • Function for reading scanned documents to swiftly enter hard copy results;
  • Automated collation of survey responses in a way to produce simple first-hand results within one survey as well as across surveys and over time;
  • Linkages between surveys to allow for comparisons across time/level of evaluation (e.g. pre and post training survey results);
  • Ability to design and generate various reports on the evaluation results, both for individual training courses, and collated across region, time and course;
  • English as the language of implementation of the system but enabled dissemination of surveys in various other languages as necessary (French, Arabic, Dari, Spanish);
  • Setting up of a centralized database in Head Quarters, with possibility to enter data and generate reports in regional and country project offices.

3) General features:

  • Featured filters and cross-tabulations to enable tailor-made analysis of information;
  • Compatibility with systems already in use in the Organization (including the elearning platform recently established) and accessibility to data and reporting functions;
  • Compatibility with databases already in place at IDLO (MS Access);
  •  Secure data protection