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Small project <800

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10/4/11 12:13 AM



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Attachment : pretty detailed overview about look & functionality. (need freemind/mindmap to view)

In short :

Translators collaborate on a piece of text that is fragmented in order to have an efficient collaboration.

A mod uploads an original file, and an autotranslated version of the same file to be inserted into the database. It gets shopped up in parts of XX lines of text. Users can claim these parts one at a time, see both versions of the inserted text next to eachother, gridstyle and translate/correct the (autotranslated) lines, check the ones done. When he finishes translating(or after xx minutes inactivity) he must be able to "release" the part.

When all parts a translated a mod must be able to reassemble the parts into a whole file so a translated copy of the original gets generated.

The mindmap should give you a very clear image on what the site (I estimate +-7 pages) should do and show. If anything is not clear pls ask. I don't ask to spend time on the look of the site, a basic css will do.

Considering all the info included in the mindmap its mostly a straightforward job.

The budget is a bit flexible but sadly enough not to much (non profit). Therefor the implementation deadline is flexible very much.