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May I have a Quote for the solution of the problem below? Thank You.


How to turn off a joomla! module according to the viewport. I mean to turn it off with no bits loaded, something done with javascript, php, ajax, no simply with a CSS rule like display:none.I'd like to disable or not, according to the viewport (e.g. if > 768px don't load position-xx...) a in my index template.It would be great if the checking will be done continuously, but i'd be happy even if the code will check the condition only on page loading (or refreshing).I tried creating a php page that GETs a variable == 1 or 2, depending the viewport is > or < 768. The viewport is tracked by window.matchMedia that activates a simple XMLHttpRequest() ("doGET function"). here the code





';$stampa = $_GET['casa'];if ($stampa==2) {echo $stampa;}else {echo  $posizione;}

?>This code works well with a simple "echo" action (if my index is <768 i can see printed "2"), but still doesn't load ;(

Could you help me?

Hi All,

thank you for your answer and offers. Someone told me that "you cant turn off a module and use it, it has a publish state in the dbase if you turn it off then you could not execute it. If you used jquery and got the viewport then you could return empty data. You cant turn it off and use it though or you will be turning it off for all sessions.", so my problem seems to be impossible to solve. Can you all sure it can be solved??? maybe not...