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12/23/10 5:02 PM



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Here's a list of some new features we want to introduce in our app ( ), most of them are longer to explain than to set and use. 

1) Challenges 
-We want to give the possibility to challenge, in a different tab of the already existing selector (or something similar), not only friends but also all other app users
-Win a challenge make the winner steals myocoins (our virtual coin) to the loser 

2) New features on questions 
2a) New questions type: list question (partially developed)
In this kind of question you have a list of max 10 possible answer (with a checkbox) and only a subset of them is correct (i.e. 3 out of 10), user have the possibility to pick up the answers and when completing the question (by clicking ok) the system will check if all the correct choices are taken. 

Example: how is cheese cake done? 
You have a list of ingredients and have to check the correct ones and then execute. 

2b) Image questions (partially developed)
In the actual multichoice and open questions we want to have the possibility of putting an image in the body of the question or of the answers, so you can have something like: 
1: multichoice -> question text - answers 4 images 
2: multichoice -> question image - answers 4 texts 
3: multichoice -> question image - answers 4 images 
4: open -> question image - answer text 

3) New type of help 
We want to introduce a new kind of help in the myostore which simply gives user +50 points in the final score 
we want also 2 more multiply help based on the already existing 2X help (one with a multiply factor 1,5X the other with a 3X multiply factor) 
The List help is used only for list question and automatically exludes all the wrong option less one 

4) Welcome back gift 
When user log in to the app the first time during the day a popup tells him he gained some myocoins (randomly from 10,20,30,40,50). 
THe user can accept and publish or skip the gift. 
Also other event are communicated to user via a pop up: (recived gift, status change, target cup partial/final/ and challenge won/lost) 

5) Target cup (see graphics) 
We want to give user a graphic target to reach which is a set of coloured button (one for each game) it lights up when user reach a defined score threshold set in backend for the game (i.e. 700 points). When he reach it during the week he gets the game button lighted up and when he gets all of them he gets the cup (the one we already have) and N myocoins

6) Relating to the graphic we want to add at the end of the page before the feedbox this row of boxes in which you can see 

6a) an internal chat for the users, (we give you the already existing object only to put in the design)
6b) a target box in which we graphically resume the things described in point 5 
6c) a status box in which we graphically resume status of user and point needed to reache next status (staus is already developed for the backend part) 
6d) a roll info box in which user can see a number of sliding images that link to pages of the game (we load images and link  in the backend for giving hint, remembering things and so on)

That's it. See the attach files to visualize the project and visit our app for a better understanding:" href=""> 
We give psd files to the selected developer and full help during development. We will work with further already planned developments with the selected candidate.