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Small project <800

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6/11/17 3:19 PM



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I need an App for the Android Smartphone or the Tablet.

Job Description:

I only need an android studio project. it is very easy, no big logic, only some very basic functions. Basicly it is just an app showing specific text and background graphics and waiting input from user only to bring him to different pages with different text. That goes on and on, in a loop until the loop is finished.

It should contain following things:

- for: 4.1.x Jelly Bean

- Multilanguage, nothing hardcoded, all strings in xml-file, language-directories inside res/, automatic recognition which language is used. 2 different languages: English, German. But easy upgradable to more languages…

 Some pages contains lots of text, so it should be scrollable. Text should be formatable by me (color, size etc.)……. css, xml ?

-There are 3 input strings from the user

- I provide all graphics for 4 different densitys/resolution

-disable landscape mode

- Button-text because of the multilanguange support should be also in the string xml. Nothing hardcoded. Button images I provide, also in different densitys.

- If possible if you switch to another app and return it should be come to the last position.

- On few pages text should be not only print but also speech output. Android speech class I think is the most easy way for that: import android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech; example: of course the current language of the device, should be the language to speak. if possible default should be always a woman..In the mainmenu there should be a checkbox to activate that voice feature.

- instead using yes/no buttons the user should be able to use as input the volume up or down key, and that should be recognized as answers. So instead of pressing button on screen you can press up or down-volume.

-Disable lockscreen. (but please don’t use a wakelock, This requires that you give your app an additional permission, and it is very easy to introduce bugs where you accidentally remain holding the wake lock and thus leave the screen on.It is far, far better to use the window flag FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON, which you can enable on your activity's window in your onCreate() like this:


    protected void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {




This will make sure that the screen stays on while your window is in the foreground, and only while it is in the foreground. It greatly simplifies this common use case, eliminating any juggling you need to do as your app transitions between states.

- there are around 55 pages. like this: example:

       Intropage3: Graphic fixed at the top(grtop-ip3) and bottom(grbot-i3)

        Textoutput ip3-t1: format: rightsided, small

        Image i3-1-up

        Textoutput ip3-t2 format: left, normal (longtext - scrollview)

         Button: Buttontext: BT2, centered : – Jump to mainmenu

       If voiceoutput than: voice output: mb1-t5, string1, mb1-t6.

For the text just put a placeholder, I will put later the real text.

That’s basically it.

Follow-up-job for ios port is 99% sure.

Another smiliar follow-up-job for android and ios port is 90% sure.