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1. The open Source VideoSip client supports G729, GSM,PCMA,PCMU and G.711 codec for sending audio data,

     mpeg4 , H263,H264 video data


2.  The VideoSip client can run behind NAT or on private IP. Dialer supports NAT and firewall

      traversal using STUN(optional) So client behind the firewall can make SIP call using Dialer.

3. The VideoSip client runs on application layer so it supports Wi-Fi and internet connectivity


4. Operating system: VideoSip client will run on the   Android OS phones and Android Tablet PC

    and Desktop win32.

5. The VideoSip client works with SIP username/password  (in Setting )


6. The VideoSip client Supports Android Device Speaker (Hands free operation).


7. Echo cancellation (in setting).


8. Do not Disturb button (mute), volume, Mic control by Slider.


9. Can Dial also directly from Gate buttons(fixed numbers) and private Phonebook(Apartment

       numbers, fixed in Setting)-sip caller block option.


      a. Application will be able to dial a prefixed Extension No which can be preconfigured in app and

          Preconfigured in Asterisk . It will be also able to call directly to an SIP Client..


10. Can run background  if any incoming call, switch to  SIP screen and getting video picture


       Automatic (auto answer – but mute).


11. If we have two or more Clients by one Apartment the Clients should parallel ring while incoming call.

         a. The application will wrint the Extension to Ring Multiple Extension at the same time a Ring

             Group in asterisk need to be created


12. Time period for connection (after  a period will be the connection closed)-(in Setting)


13. Work with all standard SIP servers.


14. Info display – Like online, “Caller Mr. X  App.1  is calling”.


15. Support all standard SIP supported switches based on RFC3261 or compliance to RFC 4733.

16. Ringing tones  selectable (in setting)


17. The last 10 calls with Video recordable and later callable and playable.


18. 10 IP cameras could be shown if present, by pushing Video and related Camera Number at Keypad

       a. Cameras can be JEPG or MP4 or H264.


19. While incoming Call App shall set one variable to “Hi” or ASCI code predefined in setting readable

       from our software to pop up SIP Client App Screen.

20. Open button will send one of hex code over in setting predefined IP.


21. Phonebook and setting of client should be remotely updateable. Hereto the Client App shall be stop,

       after loading a new XML file the application shall start again.

22. The button label customizable for Gate Buttons (if possible changing Button color).


23. Language support-customizable (English - German - Turkish) and selectable in setting.


24. the code should be implementable in our Software. Hereto may we need support


25. Android Device Camera could be enabled and disabled by settings


26. Delivery of whole Project should include source code.


27. Setting should be in xml (see below xml file example) and the screens buttons (see below screen examples)

      should be Vista buttons.

28. GUI's by Android clients should be any LCD density independent.