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It will be a Downloadable Desktop Application (Messenger)


its Kicking, Muting, Giving Dot, bouncing,Banning features, hand raising for voice chat within a room, Jump for mic, Release/Talk , One user has to raise his hand in a room if he want to speak something and the other who will be speaking will release the mic with a release button so the next hand raised user can come and chat, there will be a jump button ( which I can enable and freeze through a drop down list in admin panel), user can jump to mic with a jump button, a room admin can kick someone from his room and ban that id to visit his room, A room admin can lock his room with a password when he/she goes offline, He can add moderators for his room, or he can give text dot or voice chat dot to a user which can ban him for text chat or voice chat in the room till then the admin undot him.

Features should also includes:

invisibility, Offline messaging (a user will see offline messages when he will sign in again), Muting, Kicking ,Banning & user ,profiles,(multiple forms),multiple staff levels with corresponding powers and ability

I must be able to host advertising through a panel (advertisement will be room in the top within a room, and in the bottom of the messenger just like msn use to show) , Free users will sign in with a black colored nick name and will have low quality webcam and voice quality, and will see advertisements.

For color Nicks Features:

1. Nick Show in Black with Services (can add 70 Users, Can join 1 Public Chat Room, Voice and 1 Private Group, Show Advertisement in Private Message, Groups ?Windows, Pop up when join a group, 1 streaming video their video quality will be low) This User Group ?Services can be customized by Admin.?

2. Show in Blue with Services (can add 200 Users, Can join 3 Public Room, 1 Private Group, No Advertimesment, 3 streaming videos, their video quality will be low) This User Group Services can be customized by Admin.?

3. Show in Green with Services (can add 300 Users, Can join 5 Public Room, and 1 Private Group, NO Advertisement , 5 streaming videos) This User ?Group Services can be customized by Admin.?

4. Show in Purple (can add 500 Users, Can join 7 public chat room 2 Private Group, No Advertisement, 7 streaming videos) This User ?Group Services can be customized by Admin.?

5. Show in pink (can add 700 Users, Can join 9 Public chat room,3 Private Group, No Advertisement, 9 streaming videos) This User ?Group Services can be customized by Admin.?

5 Show in Golden with Services (can add 1200 Users, Can join 11 PubLic Chat Rooms, 5 Private Group, No Advertisement, 11 streaming videos) This ?User Group Services can be customized by Admin.?

6.If Any User Wants To Join Help Lobby He Must has To Leave All Public Rooms...


Groups Level:?

1. Group Show in List in Black Color with services (Unlimited user, No ?Web Widget, Room Hide from groups list when No any user in room)

2. Group Show in List in Blue Color with services (Maximum users we can customize, Wel Come Message ..They Can use Url/ in Welcome Msg,,,Web Widget, Always Visible in List, can set own banner).?

3. Group Show in List in Green Color with services (Maximum users We Can Customize, Web Widget, Always Visible in List, Wel Come Message ..They Can use Url/ in Welcome Msg, ,,Can Set Own Banners).

4. Group Show in Red color with services (Maximum users We Can Customize, Web Widget, Always Visible in List, Open or Access List options, Cant Be Closed by Anyone, Only Owner can Close that,,,,..They Can use Url/ in Welcome Msg,,,Web Widget, Always Visible in List, can set own banner,,NoBody Can Make a Room in Help Lobby Category..No user Can See Help Category When They Are Creating A Room..

5. Staff Room with Control Room Options (text room, show 911 from groups)?it will be invisible for other user Just Red admin Nicks Can see it ..Always Open.But Invisible For Normal Users

6. If User Creat a Private Chat Room It Must Be Invisible room For Every one No One Can See it

7.User Can Creat room in 3 Rated Categories G,A,R

Some Points help you for make the project :

1- In the main messenger there should be only two categories Online friends and Offline friends in users list, in the bottom there will be a box which will contain advertisements’, The number of online users and Open Rooms will be showed below the menu list

2- Status messages should be online, offline, busy, away, Do not disturb (DND) invisible, Show Rooms I am in.. and custom massage. This will display the rooms a user is chatting in to it contacts

3-When some one comes online or goes offline the User name should blink. And use a brighter Icon for online and a dim for offline contacts.and sound for coming online user and going offline users

5-Enable Stretch/shrink (size) room, Webcam Window.

6- Moderator room Can Give Bounce... Red-dot text... Red-dot Video... Red-dot mic and can give ban from his /her room... can change the welcome massage in the room can give to adminship to his/her friend in the room, Admin of a room can protect his room with password while he is offline.

Rooms must have Whispers and Video, sound... mute, raise hands, jump to mic... Welcome massage... Lock to mic... invite other friend from contact list ,, Block user in room Send file, Send pm , add to my contact list ,, Banner for business rooms .. Advertisements show for black nicks

7- Actions for user in a room like action for red-dot text or mic or video... Ignore… action for open cam... Action for close web cam

8- for user allow create a room in any category he /she will Chose (The will be a main category Drop Down list, then sub category drop down list, and then rating Drop down like of general, adult, other),

9- we will tell you if we have anything forget it..

10.User Can Come online in invisible Mode.But Can not Join Room Invisible.

Must have a high Security for no one can doing hacking in it ..


Communicate privately and securely

send instant messages online and offline!

Chat one to one with friends and family using voice and video

Send and resume the transfer of files and pictures

Meet new friends in text, voice and video moderated rooms

Create and administrate your own chat voice rooms, Close the room with a password or without a password while a you are offline, or give super adminship to anyone else so that person can open and close your room)

Subscribe and get attractive colorful nicknames and different features

Premium room users can Customize their room banners and web site to promote their business

Express yourself through amazing icons, winkies and skins

1 .For Color Rooms User Can Use IMVironments For Room on the back ground...For example Like Yahoo

2.User Can Use Alphabets Like A B C And Can Use Digits 1234 To Creat A nick Name And Nick name will Minimum 5 digits For User To creat their Nicks..

3.User can send complain about room or about any user if they right click on other user nick they can see an option called complain to Admin on clicking that they can describe complain and send it to admins which we will receive in staff room then we can take action about this complain

4.User Must have an option Called (Echo) for Voice if they want they can turn it on .and then they can hear Echo in their voices..

6.Smilie (icon emotions) Must Be Animated size must be 32x32

7.Raise Hand Icon Can Be Like Raise hand

8.You Can Give some icons with Nickname Like flag or Crown or animals Etc Etc

9.User Can Make Edit Profile With Picture and it Must be visible For other Users If he or she wants to Visible

10.There can be a maximum of 5 nicks for pc

11.We Need Voice and Video in Private im.

Most important option ...can

it called jump..for example if there is a black id is on mic then any color id can jump to this black id andid take mic from that user and mic will be released from black user But if some Color id is on mic in that case Balck id Can not jump on mic But Colours Ids Can Jump To Echother Depend On Hes Net Speed