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What's this about?

We at ILLUSTREE do a lot of international e-learning and animation projects and need good authors with brilliant ideas, creative power and conceptual skills. Doing research and handling complex topics as well as creating sharp, easy to understand texts and designing interactive exercises is all part of the task.

Our philosophy is to maintain an agile and highly-specialized network of self-employed professionals. Whether you work here in vienna or from a remote carribean island – to us, what counts is your dedication to, enthusiasm for and quality of, work. (If, however, the island-thing should be true we feel professionally obligated to get to know you, your workplace and any local beer drinking rituals).

If you are up to the job and can prove experience in this field we would love to hear from you!


I'm interested. Now, what?

Give us a short description about who you are, what you do and what your authoring experience is. We also heavily enjoy samples of work, so links to projects you already did are highly appreciated – please include a detailed description about what exactly you have contributed to the shown projects and feel free to point us to the parts you find most remarkable and are most proud of. (If you have more than two samples up your sleeve please only show us the two best projects.)

Finally, to give you an idea about what we do, and give ourselves an idea about your speed and price level, we would like you to take a look at some of our projects (see list below) and give us a rough estimate about the timeframe andthe overall costs would we hire you to do the project as described. A rough range for time and costs will do, we just want to get a general idea.

The scope ranges from the initial concept to the final fine-tuning. You will be doing the rough concept and creative direction in collaboration with us, then, while we take care of the graphic design and implementation, you will create the brilliant texts. Finally, everything will be merged to get the final product, which usually leads to some minor adaptions on- and creative inputs from both sides. Your delivery will be a treatment/script/scenario in a Word document including all written and spoken texts.


The projects

Project #1: Understanding On Site Inspections

What's your estimate for the first intro animation only? The brief was to set up the scenario, give an overview of what the user can expect, all while being politically correct, informative, yet entertaining. You provide:

the concept the story the polished english text visual ideas for our art directors to work with

Basis for your work ist the CTBTO treaty which can be viewed by clicking “The Treaty” in the top nav of the E-Learning App. (Module 1 "Understanding OSI" > Introduction "View the Animation")

View "Understanding On Site Inspections":


Project #2: European Patent Office, Espacenet Assistant

This Online Training explains in detail how to make use of and benefit from a sophisticated Online Patent search tool. Your tasks in developing the content will be:

research (based on documents and inputs provided by the customers and reviewing the software) create a module and chapter structure together with us write an outline define the learning goals the full text in polished english author exercises according to our catalog of defined exercises (e.g. multiple choice, assigning pairs, sort, order and drag & drop).

Further information and the running version of "Espacenet Assistant":


Project #3: CTBTO Test Manual

What's your estimate for the whole online training? The brief was to teach parts of the On Site Inspections Test Manual and in general create awareness of the importance of its content. In order to do so, the solution was to tell the story of a fictional On Site Inspection, using a mix of text, multimedia like interactive exercises, slide shows, illustrations and voice. You provide:

the concept the story the whole script including the acting persons content that is politically correct, entertaining and thrilling

Basis for your work ist the CTBTO treaty (see Project #1).

View "CTBTO Test Manual":