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6/3/15 12:26 PM



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I need an easy to use app that will enable my customer to design his/her own wardrobe.

It needs to have the following functions:

-Calculate the estimate price of the wardrobe

-I need to be able to edit the prices at will

-Folder in witch i can upload textures/different colours of avalibe finish

-2D application (There is no need for anything fancy)

Note: this is to be uploaded onto my existing website and accessible there. it is not meant to be a phone app.

The hoal for this website tool is for the customer to be able to design their own wardrobe. this program would have 3 to 4 stages of assembly after whitch it would calculate the estimate price and send the project to my email.



Customer indicates the following:

 - interior type: wall on left, wall on right, wall on both sides, slant on left, slant on right or slant on both sides.

 - Measurments of the wardrobe: width depth(only standard sizes) and height.

 - number of internal partitions.


Stage 2:

 - Customer is able to click on every partition and select desired fill e.g: full shelving, railing, shoe baskets etc.. this would be in a form of a picture that customer clicks on.


 -Customer selects wardrobe colour (this must be editable by an admin as stock changes)


Stage 3

Customer Desides on what type of door they wand and in what style.


Stage 4

Extra addons/comments from customer.


Stage 5

Document gets sent to my email with roughly estimated price and screen shot of the wardrobe. as well as possibility of screen shot of designed wardrobe and price to be sent to the customer.