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  The task is a mobile version of website, with additional functionality, so it meets parity with our iPhone app. 

Will work with frontend developer who will implement GWT portion. Looking for someones with strong design skills, particularly for mobile, able to implement HTML/CSS coding. CSS3. Experience with GWT framework, git.

Primary targets: android & iphone. Secondary target: ie, blackberry.
Added 5 AUG 2010, 7:41 AM EDT
The Mobile ( application is implemented within the GWT framework. Page layout presented to the user is generated at run time, after the hosting page and GWT scripts are loaded.

Designer's goal is to create the integral look of the application, closely resembling the iPhone application and 

Designer must be capable to set up development environment: install JDK, IDE (Eclipse (Aptana), Intellij Idea or Netbeans), pull source code and push changes back. Help will be provided at this step.

In, the layout must be implemented preferably without images or background images, using CSS3 rules like border-radius, display: box, box-shadow, rgba, gradient, box-reflect etc. So the size of application is minimal and it loads fast. Please keep in mind that on the later step fallback site version will be required to support non-CSS3 capable browsers.

PNG is preferable image format in GWT (more on that below). Project resources must be optimized to reduce their size where possible, like PNG24 => PNG8, etc.

GWT framework has own ways to further optimize resources: automatic CSS obfuscation, image compilation into sprites or inside CSS, CSS rules depending on user-agent: (see ImageResource and CssResource sections). Required machinery is already set up, the designer is required to tweak CSS code in existing files to reach desirable effect. The GWT project needs to be compiled to examine changes. This could be done via command line (ant script) or within IDE (Eclipse (Aptana), Idea, Netbeans). Help will be provided at this step.

Before committing changes the project must be updated and compiles without errors.

Source code define content generation rules either as raw string concatenation or via UiBinder templates ( In the former case collaborative work of developer and designer might be needed to reach the goal. In the latter case designer supposed to make required changes by himself. Again, required framework is already built and only tweaking is needed. Help will be also provided at this step.