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5/3/16 5:04 PM



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Hi there, what we're looking for is a developer that can create for us a web front- and back-end for the centralised creation, management and company-wide distribution of e-mail signatures.  Our signatures need to look the same in all typical e-mail programs on the typically used operating systems. We will provide a design that needs to be implemented in HTML (I think?) by the developer.  The design will include (but is not necessarily limited to) the following elements: Name Position Phone-Number Mobile Number E-Mail Address (must be a mailto:-Link) Website (must be a Link) Facebook Twitter Skype A row of pictures (might be allowed to be implemented as a single picture) that acts as a series of links (might be a single link). The picture and link must be changeable on the back-end by our comms team. Address The typical disclaimer. ----- The process on our side is supposed to look as follows: There's a site our creative team can go to change the picture(s) and link(s) that is supposed to be displayed as part of the signature. It should also be possible to change the HTML after the fact (although we'd probably get back to you for later changes) Once the design is finalised, each employee can go to a site where they enter the specific data they want displayed (some data will be mandatory, some optional, like the mobile number), and then receive the finished signature via email, so they can just copy and paste it from there. Important: Special characters like Umlauts (ä,ö,ü,ß) and Accents (é, etc.) must be supported. The whole site should be password protected. And there should be a switch and different passwords for the designer-backend and the employee-frontend. We will provide an amazon AWS server to deploy the solution on. Extra-points if there's a database that remembers the employees that have previously entered their data, which allows you to load, edit, duplicate and delete the existing data and send that out, so employees don't have to re-enter all of their information every time the signature changes. The signatures must be implementable and be displayed properly at least in the following platforms: OSs: Windows, OSX. Programs: Outlook 2010 and later, OSX Mail, Gmail, office365 online, etc. What we expect from you: Experience in the creation and management of email signatures, development of web front- and backends, sending emails from websites.  It would be great if you could tell us a little bit about how you would approach the project and when we can expect it to be finished. And of course, why you'd be the perfect fit for us. How much time do you expect to have to put into it, and have you ever worked on a similar project? We're very much looking forward to your application!