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2/18/11 10:30 AM



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  We want to get in contact with a company that can help us develop this WHCP and that can also help us with updates and and new functions in the future.

If we are pleased with the development of this product there is a posibility for more projects.
It's positive for us if the company has a good track record, and that the is a possibility for a long-term business relationship.

A first draft of a requirement specification for the product has been made and will be provided to the chosen developer.
But we would like to have a dialog with the developer regarding the scope of the requirement specification for the product, and finish the requirement specification in dialog with the developer.

Continous communication with the developer during the development through Skype or messenger and email is a requirement.

A short description of a WHCP taken from Wikipedia:
A control panel, in web hosting, is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place.
Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels:
* Access to server logs.
* Details of available and used webspace and bandwidth.
* Email account configuration.
* Maintaining FTP users’ accounts.
* Managing database.
* Visitor statistics using web log analysis software.
* DNS management capabilities

The WHCP should be running in a LAMP environment on a CentOS server and function as a front end for Ensim (Now renamed to Parallels Pro). Ensim has an API which the WHCP should interact with. A PDF describing the Ensim API will be provided.
The WHCP should also be able to execute custom shell scripts for server operations not included in the Ensim API. The connections to the OS and to Ensim must be well documented and possible to modify by a normal experienced php developer. All operations made by the WHCP must be logged.

An easy to modiify template for building the GUI will be provided by eitss.
It will also contains a GUI draft, a screenshot from a the GUI draft is included.

Eitss will provide a development environment with the following preinstalled software:
CentOS version 5 or above
PHP version 5.0 or above
MySQL version 5.1 or above
Ensim 10.3