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Small project <800

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6/20/15 3:10 PM



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We are a Berlin Tech start-up and are looking for a web marketing expert who could develop and elaborate our web marketing strategy.

Expected deliverable:

2-3 pages of strategy CONCEPT in word text.


No implementation required. No website established yet. Only concept fpr investor's pitch needed.


Description of product and target group: We are setting up a website and an app for a product offer in the field of phone call management services. Our target customers are status-oriented males in the age 25-40. In terms of our marketing strategy, our goal is to either have potential customers directly install our app on their smartphone (from an app store) or direct them to our website where they can purchase our service and find a link to our app.

We intend to primarily focus on web marketing and need a web marketing strategy including: -Social media channels to address  (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google ads etc.) -Other channels -Operational steps to implement this strategy -Required resources to implement this strategy -Cost