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Existing Application

The current scenario visualizer is a Web Application that relies on latest Web Technologies, which means that it needs to run on a Web Server and the clients need to have a HTML5 enabled browser in order to see the scenario. IT is recommended to use Firefox at the moment. The backbone of the whole visualization is the D3-Library.

The example we provide with the requirements is that of an informal business meeting where all participants of a project go for bowling.

There are different types of flows between the actors such as described in the legend in the upper left part of the visualization (Material, Feedback, Planning, Ideas).

When the users hover over an actor, they see additional information for that particular person.

After the application has loaded a scenario, the persons automatically align themselves on the drawing canvas according to a force model.

Requirements for Enhancements

1.       The CEO shall not be placed as a simple rectangle, but as a hexagon:

2.       The (nervous) force model which places the nodes on the canvas has to be removed and replaced by an intelligent algorithm that automatically calculates the best position of the actors. This position depends on the function of each actor:

a.       The CEO has to be placed in the center of the drawing.

b.      Head of Marketing (HOM)’s and Assistants (ASS)’s need to be at the left side of the drawing. More left than the CEO.

c.       Designers (DES) are to be placed to the right of the CEO.

d.      If Material is coming from the External Workers they need to be even more to the left than HOM’s and ASS’s.  Otherwise they have to be placed at the right side of the drawing.

à Refer to Figure 1 in order to get an overview over how these actors should be placed

The simple arrows need to be replaced with intelligent paths, so they find the shortest way between actors without going through actors.


  • "Bowling Scenario.pdf":The description of the current application and the required enhancements
  • "":application code


A result is expected to be provided within three weeks time.