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Small project <800

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4/2/14 3:38 AM



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I am creating a fitness website and I need help with some of the javascript for one specific section of the website.  So I've created a page where the user selects (1)if they have any restrictions (i.e. pregnant, low impact, or none), (2) the routine type, (3) the number of sets, (4) the type of equipment they have available, and (5) the muscle groups they want to target.  Based on what they select, when they press the "create workout" button, the website will display a new page with 10 different exercises. Basically I want the 10 exercises to be displayed one below the next, displaying the name and picture of the exercise for each.  At the tope it should say "Perform" + number of reps + "reps and " + number of sets + "sets for each exercise".  It is a very small project, and I already have all the exercises with names, pictures, and a list of whether each exercise can be performed based on their restrictions and the equipment available.  Please let me know how soon you would be able to get it done, and how much that would cost.  I know its a small project so it shouldn't take too much time.  I can give more information as necessary.