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1a- The Re design of the site back to back we have the flow ready  to use. 


See jobs - new quotes - invite a friend - and all the extra info.


At the moment the siet is built in php mysql

And we will use for text credit for the providers get alerts by text also as at the moment their get text only via email. 

SSL for the site 

1- On The Provider profile - needs o have default questions so their can answer it 

Max questions on profile as default is 3

Hide phone number and address -  Show city - on there public profile. 

2- isurance yes and no see mybuilder for help

Portfolio please also see the link above - qualification info above link too- 

Add working hours style see in google local - And about them info.. 


3- When the provider Reg, on there profile needs to have a section where it call Boots Your rating - request feedback at the start - max 2 as default - this is ready working just needs to get fix as the link jumps some time.

4a - Buy credit 1 text is $2 and basic monthly charge as default.  Max credit is 20 when the credit is gone automatic we topup their can choice to do it manual but it will be added as default automatic when Reg.


4b- The payment is paypal - as we will using Papal pro- payment settings.


5- When quoting for the job those info needs to be in:


o Do you need to visit in person to give an exact quote?

o Why should they give the job for you.


7- Max quotes the user can request per job max is 4 as difficulty. User can choice from 1 to 4 when posting the job. And only those Provider close to the job and match the category redius of the job their will get alerted.


8- Some builders are members of Gas body - so is good idea on admin we can add as difficulty different logos of local Gov bodies so that the builders can add them or choice which are part of from there profile.

Extra features for the users profile


See jobs - new quotes - invite a friend - and all the extra info.


Re design of the site back to back is very minimal as I ready have the flow conversion. 

Admin extra features.  


1- admin extra features - give credit - ban user suspend user - won jobs - lost jobs reviews pending reviews - cancel review or suspend review.


1a- jobs - new jobs , click on new job see who just bid for the job, 

1b- Users - providers- paid member or not see how much credit the provider have soon on all the details.


All the pages needs to be in so we can update within admin - and also way to add new page. 


1b-Sms tools or info - Social settings- add county and city - website settings info and admin settings, I mean adding the logos


2- all non reply emails of the site needs to be on the admin so we can update them - Site settings too. 


2c- categories and subcategory needs to be added in as at the moment is on the code


2e- add new staff member - access tools 


2a- Admin link of the site needs to have way to recover password for the webmaster. as ant the moment admin link is within the code. 


2b- 404 error page all that any - 2c- admin activities - 

3 - Add page - all pages edit pages . Ad admin I will need to add members of the time.


4- new jobs - new providers- - admin login url- all the needed extra from admin. 


Looks big but when u see the site u will get it as the tasks well be small also I'm open minded about features.