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 The Website

The purpose of this RFP is to seek web development for a new website.

The main activities of the website are:

  • Provide information about clubbing events to clubbers who live in the four South African metropolitan cities. These are Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.
  • Our clients will be club managers/event planners  (who will input information about their clubs on our website) and clubbers[1]
  • Club managers/event planners will access the portal via password-enabled profiles.  They will add and edit information about events going on at their clubs (and or places where parties will be held)   

Club managers and event managers must be two separate profile types, Club managers need to add detailed information about the clubs they are managing, all events they plan will be from those clubs. Event managers will need to give address of places they throw each of their parties and will not be linked to any specific address.

Our goal is to be the number one portal for upcoming party information in South Africa. Our objectives for the website are:

·         Provide “easy-to-use” portal for club management and “party goers” to share information about events in their area

·         Interact with a database (i.e. store and edit data on the database) to provide real-time information for other applications to access and use

The site will act as the main data capture and source for our company and act as a secondary source of information for party-goers.  Visitors to the site must get the feel that it is a professional information portal which gives quality information about top clubs and events in South Africa[2].

Our primary target audience is club management and event managers, our secondary audience will be party goers and third will be other parties such as: banner advertisers, 3rd party information seekers). Initially, there will be no sales on the website; however we would introduce sales at a later stage.

The site will have approximately 10 pages. The sections will include:

1.       Home page

2.       Create profile (for event manager and club manager)

3.       Add event (for club event and event manager event)

4.       Login credentials (incl. Lost password mailing capability)

5.       Search for events (by music genre, date, area, dress code and  price range)

6.       Edit information (profile information and information regarding events)

The main images for the site will be Clubvenue logo and banner advertisements which will repeat mostly throughout the website.[3]

All the special features of the site are listed below:

·         Profile registration with password-protected login

·         Music and other sound effects

·         Perform search engine optimisation on website

[1] Those people who seek information about where to party for that particular day.

[2] And other areas

[3] These graphics are yet to be developed.