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the professional business network

What is Kx:

Keyconex is a Business Network that let’s registered corporations showcase their service or product portfolio, which other corporations from across the globe can search for. The goal is that Kx becomes the leading online business network in between these corporations that connects both.


Slogan: Keyconex – Where Business Happens

Whatever business means for you, Keyconex helps you find the business you are looking for and allows you to showcase your business portfolio to the world. Grow your business and stay competitive with Keyconex.

Project – Keyconex

Keyconex is a search engine dedicated to corporations and their specific offerings (products, services). The searching party uses Keyconex to find a specific company attribute at a specific place (e.g. steel installation company in Houston, Texas). It is herewith necessary that every registered corporation will add their individual search criteria’s to the search engine. There are free credits with every registered corporation, and credits for purchase. Credits will add content to the search engine.

It is all about:

1) Showcase your company

- Products/Services

- References

2) Search for other company’s

A partner for the website development is necessary, who provides:

1) Welcome page (content will be provided), combination with visitor page 2) User registration and login

- Company registration - company profile (description, products/services, skills, industries, references, credits management)

- Credits management (PayPal) to add items to add to search engine data base 3) Visitor page (no login)

- Search for company’s - filter options (products/services, skills, industries, country, city, name of company)

- Public profile for every registered company (e.g. 4) Admin page

- Tools to set parameters, control registrations, ...


The welcome page shall be responsive as well as the whole website. The welcome page shall have the LOGIN and REGISTRATION, as well as a BLOG.

The blog shall be used for sharing information about Kx.

A sharing option for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter shall be added.

At the end of the website, the additional information User Agreement shall be added. The content of those shall be editable; content will be provided.


The user registration and login shall be as a regular user registration, asking for the following user data: Name, Username = email address, Password, E-Mail ID (with user account confirmation), and Country. Data shall be collected in the admin panel.

The User Agreement must be accepted.

All the user data are accessible for the administrator, which can block, edit or delete a user account. The administrator shall also see the corporation profiles of each registered user.

The user profile contains the individual user data which can be changed on demand.


After successful registration, every user can setup several company’s. The user is the manager and hidden behind the corporation profile. It should be possible to hand over a company profile to another user.

A company registration requires the following content: Company name, official registered company name, company slogan, business summary (free text), website, contact details (name, email, phone, business address [city, street, zip code, country]). After setting up the corporation basic details, a company logo and a header image can be added (limited to 2 MB per picture). Each corporation profile offers additional information, editable by the owner of the corporations’ profile. These main sections are: Company Profile, Products/Services, References, Skills, Industries

- COMPANY PROFILE: Description and company basic details

- PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Every corporation has different services or products to offer. The user can add several

services or products (name, description) with additional pictures (max. 3 per product, each 2 MB maximum)

- REFERENCES: The user can add several references (name, description, year, external website link) with additional

pictures (max. 3 per reference, each 2 MB maximum)

- SKILLS: the user can add several skills to each company he manages.

- INDUSTRIES: the user can add to each company a specific relation to an industry that suits best, e.g. medical

Every corporation is accessible using a fixed website link (public profile) that is paired with the company name, e.g.,

So even without a login, each corporation is visible to everybody.

Additional requires, the corporations will be findable in other search platforms like Google.

Every user can purchase credits to each company created. There are free items, and with purchased credits, the company can add more search content to the search engine.

- Free: every company can for free add company name, 1x product or service, 1x city with 1x country

- Credit: every credit item can add a product, a service, a country, a city, skill or industry. Furthermore, listing options to each product or service can be improved with credits.

Credits can be purchased one by one. The price set can be managed through the admin panel. So, every company profile has the possibility to purchase credits for search items. Each item can add: industry, product or service, skill, city, country, search ranking. Credits have to be purchased using PayPal payment, validity per purchase 1 year. After 1 year, subscription need be to extended (re-payment), or the purchased items will be deleted (stored for later activation).


Product or Service = 2 credits per item

Skills or Industry = 1 credit per item

Search ranking = 10 credits per week for top 10 listing

Those are just basic reference, the admin can edit anytime. A coupon (free credits) e.g. by code is additional.


Every visitor has the possibility to search for a corporation he is looking for, which is the essential function of Keyconex. A search bar is necessary (free text search), or the user can select a specific filter, or a combination of filters.

Those filters are: Company Name, Product/Service, Industry, Skills, Country, City


Industries = medical, mechanical

Products = climatic chamber, dish washer, lamp Services = cleaning, engineering

Skills = steel construction, static’s, automotive

To be found is a key point within Keyconex. The search engine and it’s filters are of importance. That means, every company can be found by name using the search engine, or using the filters will present a more precise listing of search results. The filters must be linked with search items. Without an added search item (with credits), the corporation will not be found if someone searches for a specific item.

Example: It shall be possible that user can find fast and easy a company from USA (Country) located in San Francisco (City) that offers installation services (Product/Service) in building construction (Industry).


That advanced search works in case a corporation has added items (purchased items via credits) and they are herewith accessible for the search function, the user can find the right company immediately. Keyconex let the users precisely find that company they are looking for.


An administration panel is required. The website shall offer the possibility to show: Number of registered users, number of registered corporations, possibility to send information to all registered users. Also, other settings shall be able to be changed. PayPal Email address and name, Meta Description, Name of Website, Title of Website, Meta Title, Copyright Text, Contact Address.


Every user, registered or not registered, shall be able to share his own or other company profiles to other platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Also, sharing a specific product or service or reference shall be possible.

Important: A company profile on Keyconex should be able be found via classical search engines like Google.


The website shall be completely responsive and for every device accessible and useable.

There shall be an administration interface to control user activities.

The website shall be programmed with a traditional programing language that can be easily modified at a later stage.

The website has to be save and a copy of the content/files (especially user data) shall be limited to perfection. Data security necessary.

The website and content should be found easily on Google etc. to improve traffic and relevance.

The existing website is a guideline, feel free to register and check the functions. The server is a professional solution at GoDaddy with cPanel access and fixed domain

NOTE: description for download attached.