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3/28/13 7:37 PM



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Short intro:

We recycle bakery waste and turn it into animal feed.

Our customers have large factories that make different kinds of breads. These include bagels, bread, tortillas, etc.  They put these in large bins to recycle. The bins are different at each location. Our customers want to track where this waste was generated before placing it into our semi truck trailers.


We need to capture data about the waste in each container, as well as its weight before it is moved into the dumping container.   The user input information we capture is very simple, there is just DEPARTMENT(various)-SHIFT(1,2,3)-PRODUCT(various)-CONTAINER(to get the tare weight) The automated information is WEIGHT(from COM port)-DATE(automated) The fixed data is MACHINE ID and FACILITY The weight needs to be automatically pulled from the COM port using a program like Winwedge,

I have a system here for troubleshooting and can provide the baud rate, etc. to translate the scale information to weights. We have a simple Access table with the following columns: Date-Time (auto) Department (multi-select from another tables options) Shift (multi-select from another tables options) Product (multi-select from another tables options) Container (multi-select from another tables options (this one has the tare weight) Weight (This is pulled from a COM port scale display using Winwedge software) it should be automatically pulled without user input requirements Machine (fixed) Facility (fixed)


So all we need to do is  have an .exe program to automate this form, and then post' the information to the access database.  From here I will automate the upload of the information to our web database.  I prefer an offline data collection like this with batch upload so the production line never has to stop without an internet connection. For the fields, PRODUCT, SHIFT, CONTAINER, and WEIGHT, I would prefer to have their own tables in Access, so we can add to or change options inside the access database and use the available rows as the drop down fields available. We will add on to the complexity of this program over time, such as logging the total weight in the trailer visually with a pie chart, etc.  So more work will come from this project as we move in steps. The first step is this simple form with a SUBMIT button At the end I would like some kind of visual display, like a green button or something to let the user know the information has been recorded, and the form is ready for the next entry. I will develop all photoshop layouts and visual displays for the form. This is for Windows 8.  It will be used on touch screen tablets.  I would like it to be an app that auto launches at startup.  The entire tablet computer's sole function will be to run this simple program. This will is a touch screen with no keyboard, so large push buttons are necessary. I would like to make it as visually appealing to the touch environment as possible.


I would like to have this project complete in the next week if possible.