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I represent a small company which has developed a new measurement device. One of our colleagues is able to write and understand c++ and he has developed the main algorithms for the device (to read its data and to handle it). However, we do not have somebody who is able to write a Win32-program in c++ which creates a window and has the other necessary functions and, as always in life, time is limited...


Hence, we need a .exe program for Windows32, which is a shell in the sense that we can enclose the important aspects (like text, company logo etc.) and our main code (let‘s call it CODE_OWN_A) by ourselves. The c++ - file should work with Visual Basic Express so that we are able to include our own code lines, change things like the text etc. and still be able to compile it into a .exe-file. 


This program should be able to do the following (please see also the notes which I enclosed and which present a basic design how it could look): 


  • when the program is started, a picture has to be shown (our logo)
  • then a window (window A) opens up, in which values can be entered (as doubles and int / please see enclosed file) and which shows our logo
    • this window has two buttons below: 
      • one says „Reset“, which allows to reset all values to a given standard, which we should be able to set
      • the other states „Start“. 
    • when „Start“ is pressed, the program should analyze the values which were given (if one is missing or if it is a character) and if something is wrong, it should state (e.g. with a new window or in the existing one) something like „A value is missing“ or „Wrong format of one value“
  • After „Start“ is pressed and if all values are ok, then our own calibration program (CODE_OWN_B) should start, which takes 1200 seconds. We will include CODE_OWN_B ourselves. You should include a window (window B) or something, which opens and states something like „Please wait, while the device calibrates“ and which shows a neat time scale, which becomes „full“ or is done after 1200 seconds. 
  • When the calibration / 1200 seconds is over, the old windows (window A and B) should close and a new window (window C) appears, which shows the following:
    • a graph, which has an automatic scale and which updates every few seconds (up to once per one second). The data needed for the graph will be provided by our code CODE_OWN_A - so please show us in the code where the data should be included. This data is NOT stored in a file
    • a button „Text“ and a field, in which a double value „double_1“ can be entered (standard is 0). If this button is pressed, then a value in the code changes into double_1
    • another graph, which gets its data from a file abc.txt, which our code CODE_OWN_A generates in the same folder as the program file. This graph should also update up to the frequency of once per one second. Here we want to leave the option to the user if he wants to have an automatic scale or a fixed scale 
    • a „Stop“ button below. If it is pressed a new window (window D) is opened which asks „Do you really want to quit the measurement?“ and which has the options „yes“ or „no“. If „yes“ is pressed, it terminates CODE_OWN_A (we can include everything what you would need for this to happen in our code). The window C, however, still stays open until it is closed by pressing the usual „x“ in the upper right corner


  • During calibration (CODE_OWN_B or window B) and during the whole time of CODE_OWN_A, we measure a certain variable ATT_STOP. If ATT_STOP reaches a certain value (let‘s say 3.1415), a new window (window E) should open, which states something like „Please contact service“ and our program should stop. 


About the file enclosed:

The file which we have enclosed should just give a basic idea of what we want. If you have better ideas concerning design etc. just go ahead...



This c++-program for a Win32-application should be written with good documentation so that we are able to change the different things in the code and include our code. 

Please understand that we are not able to give more information about our own code. We have made some bad experience in the past... 

However, if your work is good, follow-up orders are highly probable, as we are just getting started and our product is good :-)



If you have any questions or if these lines with the enclosed file are not specific enough, you can contact us at any time. 

We are looking forward to your offers. Thanks a lot for your time!