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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

1/13/20 3:15 PM

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We are selling educational video courses for math students.

Our single course is made of:

- video avi files

- exercise pdf files

- auxiliary txt files (like legal informations, EULA, FAQ, table of contents)

At this point, we have all above packed in zip archive, without any application. The user is required to unzip the archive, and then he gets access to the files, using standard Windows Explorer.

Instead of this solution, we would like to have a nice and small Windows application, which provide good user experience, and allow him (or her) easily navigate through the course content.

We don't want to have any Windows installer at this point. We don't need to make any Windows register entries, or shortcut in the Windows Start Menu. The app would be still in zip file, and the user would have ability to get any course content using standard Windows Explorer, if he would prefer.

Only difference would be added menu/player app, which starts, when user launches exec file.

Actually, a few years ago we had such an app, but it looks kind of suck, so we decided to abandon it. In the attachment you can find few screens, just to give you better understanding.

In overview, we need Windows menu application, with video player functionality (screen-2.png).

And we need someone who would do this app for us.

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