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9/22/16 3:03 PM



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Hi,  we bought a wordpress plugin  Although it's a great plugin, it lacks one feature. We want the portfolio to load the items in a random order so that the page stays interesting for our visitors and use an endless scroll for performance reasons at the same time. Both features on it's own are working fine but you can't have both for the simple reason that if you load the first 10 items on page load (or what ever number of items you have configured) and you load these in a random order everything will be fine but if the user than scrolls down and triggers the ajax call that fetches the next 4 items than these will be random to and there is the problem because since the next items are also random it can happen that you load items that are already loaded on page load so you will have duplicates or some items will never load and the user can than scroll down like forever until he or she reaches the bottom of the page. The Author of this plugin says the only way around that is to generate a randomly generated list of all the items that can be loaded (in our case 103) and store this information in a cookie and than fetch the next items according to that list and not random. So you essentially you would randomly generate a custom sort order and store this order in a cookie. But this would only work if the visitor excepts cookies and if not it would break. But why just don't just generate that custom sort order and store it on the server config and change the config via ajax every time the page is reloaded. But this would be just my idea. If you have a better one please let me know. Do you think you could do this for us?  Oh, and here is our site. [OBSCURED]

Best regards,  Philipp